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Is Social Media Marketing Dead? Yep & Here's Whats Next - via @Curagami

Is Social Media Marketing Dead? Yep & Here's Whats Next - via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Jeff Fromm in a great post for TBJ makes Curagami's tactical marketing is dead argument beautifully. Social Media Marketing is dead & here's what's next.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

Brian Yanish -'s curator insight, July 23, 8:05 AM

As we consume more and more content via our mobile devices, both content marketing and social media marketing strategies need to be re-examined.


The end user, your consumer now has Notification Distraction, be it from a game or text message your content has limited engagement time of these devices. Getting a share has become even harder. 

Connecting content to product engagement is the new marketing.

Karen Dietz's comment, July 23, 5:43 PM
I really enjoyed this article Marty and am going to reference it for another kind of story project I'm working on. Good stuff! Thanks for finding and sharing.
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Social Media Publishing is dead - SMB Survival Guide: 3 Rays of Hope via @Curagami & @gdecugis

Social Media Publishing is dead - SMB Survival Guide: 3 Rays of Hope via @Curagami & @gdecugis | Curation Revolution |

Lions, Tigers, Bears & Content Shock & SMB Survival
Small to Medium Sized Businesses are overwhelmed. The clearest message we've received during our first six months creating our Startup Factory funded startup called Curagami is a clear protest. "Overwhelmed" is the most common adjective SMBs use to describe their situation.

Not hard to see why SMBs are feeling overwhelmed. Tactics that used to insure consistent yearly growth are sick. Tactics are drying up faster than ever.

SMB Marketing Tactics Costing More, Getting Less:

* Yellow Pages (near death).
* Print ads (near death).

* Val-u-pak coupons (near death).

* Coupons of any kind (losing relevance with smartphone users)..

* Groupons (blows brands up almost beyond repair).
* Email marketing (sick due to social / mobile web).
* Social Media Marketing (sick and getting sicker fast).
* Content Marketing.(content shock sick).

* Ecommerce (too many stores, same offerings).
* PPC (paying more to get less).
* Retargeting (cat out of bag, so sick efficacy declining).
* Video Marketing (steep learning curve, expensive).
* Viral Marketing (everyone has that cold now & hit or miss).
* Cause Marketing (not as unique as once was & live or die with partner).

* Celebrity Marketing (expensive and live or die with branded celeb).

* SEO (don't even get us started, all but gone, baby, gone).

3 Rays of Hope

1. Content Curation
Discussed by CEO @Guillaume Decugisin Social Media Publishing Is Dead As We Know It ( ).

2. Community
Banding and binding tribes of contributors, advocates and supporters to your cause.

3. Friends of Friends marketing.
Reaching new customers via WOM (Word-of-Mouth) supplied by fans, brand advocates and social marketing Sherpas willing to sacrifice and help your cause.

Curagami ( ) is focused on helping SMBs create sustainable community via the Friends-of-Friends marketing community generates.  

Am Scooping Guillaume's post to use in our Curagami board meeting tomorrow and we are working on 3 cool ideas:

* Curagami SMB Survival Guide - one page "action focused" recommendations on the tapestry of marketing tools and tactics needed to know where online "success" lives these days.

* Curagami $25,000 SMB Survival Contest - Help in seo, content marketing and community building to make this holiday online selling season great.

* Curagmai SMB Survival School - 1 day training to support SMBs at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC.

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Red Bull Branding 2: Friends of Friends Marketing vs. Groupon

Red Bull Branding 2: Friends of Friends Marketing vs. Groupon | Curation Revolution |
Red Bull Branding shared how we are all media companies now. Red Bull Branding 2 is about how to build online community via Friends of Friends. Marketing.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Community 70% Vs. Mercenary 30%
Once again today we saw an example of why we are creating our Triangle Startup Factory funded startup called Curagami. Today the account created a business using Groupon.

The problem with "drastic deal" sites is they destroy brands even as they appear to be building them. Stopping applying margin eroding deals and business declines. Every "drastic deal" site operates on the premise of "burnout".

Like a vampire drastic deal sites bring clients in and get as much money as fast as possible. They pitch their services as "Internet marketing" when what they really are is a plague of locusts.

The single remaining asset created with lots of ad buys today was a solid mailing list. This is GOOD, but three transitions must happen now:

1. Content Must Be More UGC (User Generated Content) via contests, games and curation. Gamify and value UGC too.  

2. Engage the 70% of socially altruistic vs. 30% mercenary deal seekers. 

3. Curate, Curate and CURATE. 

Read Drive by Daniel Pink. In this MUST read Pink explains our misconception about what motivates MOST people. When a Swiss blood drive offered to PAY their conversions went DOWN. When they offered to give a donation to a charity donations went backup. 

Even when the MAIN instrument used to build a site is DEAL DEAL DEAL inside there list are people more moved by social altruism and doing the right thing than scratching for the lowest price.

If you see on PRICE you are doomed. Someone will always create a better offer. The irony of this company's positioning which was high end trying to create enough DEAL FLOW to keep their doors open with GroupOn only to find the truth - Groupon is the cocaine of the Internet.

Pivoting back toward what makes them BETTER and SPECIAL vs. their competition COMMUNITY is what jumped up out of the water as we spoke (once again). Problem is the now desperate person we were talking too could hear anything since his need for a cocaine fix is now so HUGE he is worried about losing his business altogether (and rightfully so since he asked the brand killer into his home).

Can drastic deal sites serve a purpose? Perhaps, but the infrastructure of COMMUNITY better be firmly in place before spending dollar one on GroupOn or sales will go UP and then come right back down.  

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Content Curation Tips For The Busy, Confused, Irritated

Content Curation Tips For The Busy, Confused, Irritated | Curation Revolution |

Solid background on content curation including definition here. For many of my brethren may be redundant, but helpful generally. I don''t understand the exclusion of as a powerful content cuaration tool however. That is a sloppy oversight.

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7 Focused Tactics For Content Curation Success via IM guru Heidi Cohen

7 Focused Tactics For Content Curation Success via IM guru Heidi Cohen | Curation Revolution |

Want to excel at content curation? Here are 7 tactics for content curation success:

1. Provide editorial selection expertise.2. Add commentary to augment existing information.3. Write attention-grabbing headlines.4. Package your content to attract attention and facilitate consumption.5. Offer curated content on regular schedule.6. Distribute curated content effectively across channels, platforms and devices.7. Track results of curated content to achieve your objectives.

Marty Note
My favorite is the idea of "packaging" your content. Fascinating.

Marilyn Moran's comment, May 14, 5:21 PM
Awesome tips on content curation. Heidi Cohen rocks.
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"Escape Google via- @HaikuDeck [Slides From #DMFB14 Conference]

"Escape Google via- @HaikuDeck [Slides From #DMFB14 Conference] | Curation Revolution |

Even Google wants to escape the old SERPs only Google. Mobile, social and community are changing the web's landscape. Google is watching organic search growth slow thanks to social and mobile. Don't get hung out, diversify your Internet marketing.

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50 Great Content Curators -'s Kelly Hungerford - via @CrowdFunde

50 Great Content Curators -'s Kelly Hungerford - via @CrowdFunde | Curation Revolution |

50 Great Content Curators
Another #mustfollow if you believe as we do that community will be the next big skirmish line in Internet marketing (read Ouch! 3 Ways To Avoid The Coming Community Shock on ). Kelly is a great community manager for one of our favorite get more done with less social media marketing tools -

Just like with Ally,'s community Manager Ally Greer and one of our top 50 Content Curators too ( ) there is a lot to learn from in following Kelly.

Watch the variety of topics she discusses on the community (linked on the post) and learn how to mesh content to support your online branding via content curation.

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Great Curator Profile: Cendrine Marrouat - CrowdFunde's Favorite Bedouin :)

Great Curator Profile: Cendrine Marrouat - CrowdFunde's Favorite Bedouin :) | Curation Revolution |

The Amazing Cendrine Marrouat
Cendrine told us this was one of the nicest reviews of her work she's ever received. Hard to believe since here writing and tireless content curation is informative, inspirational, smart and hard working.

Cendrine is one of the hardest working "bands" in content marketing. When she takes a "day off" she is probably teaching.We shared a fraction of where she writes and curates and its six places.

Cendrine understands COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere), but she doesn't fall into the trap. She actively supports, engages on and refines here content arsenal.

Not ONLY is Cendrine one of our favorite and hardest working "bands" in content marketing and curation she is one of our favorite Bedouin too. Always moving and in touch with what's happening we love it when Cendrine shows up. We share a cup of tea, warm our hands against the desert wind and talk about where we need to go next.

Cendrine beat me to the punch and wrote some nice words about me yesterday you can find in her 5 Social Media Gurus To Follow post:

My post was schedule before we saw hers, but hearing her feedback was inspiring just when inspiration was needed. Thanks Cendrine and rock on :).

@Cendrine Marrouat -

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Top Content Curator Contest - CrowdFunde Is Hiring Content Curators!

Top Content Curator Contest - CrowdFunde Is Hiring Content Curators! | Curation Revolution |

Top Pinner? CrowdFunde is Hiring

CrowdFunde, a Durham, NC startup is looking for top content curators. We have 10 "jobs" that build on the strengths of great content curators to see trends before they happen, connect threads across seemingly disparate information and provide feedback as we create a new company dedicated to helping marketers tap wisdom of crowds.

If you rock Pinterest we hope you will apply to help create a cool new tool, have fun, receive recognition and cash for what you love to do anyway.

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The New Scenttrail Marketing & Selling SMM To the C Level

The New Scenttrail Marketing & Selling SMM To the C Level | Curation Revolution |

Marketing with help from weak signals, connections and social shares, has never been more important for C level support. Here's why and tips on how to get it in the NEW Scenttrail Marketing.

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How Dr. Dre Newsjacked Super Bowl XLVIII - ScentTrail Marketing

How Dr. Dre Newsjacked Super Bowl XLVIII - ScentTrail Marketing | Curation Revolution |

 Newsjacking the Super Bowl with Dr. Dre
How Dr. Dre, Richard Sherman & Beats By Dre Headphones NEWSJACKED the super bowl with brilliant Internet marketing furthering the company's dominance.

Beats by Dre put on an impressive NEWSJACK last week. Richard Sherman made the "slow news week" before Super Bowl Hype starts this week anything but slow. Beats by Dre, the dominant high-end headphone company founded by the rapper and entrepreneur showed just how to surf a massive traffic wave with an impressive multi-channel attack:

* has Richard Sherman on its cover.
* Richard Sherman's picture is magically linked to every model of noise canceling headphone the company sells (neat trick that).
* Richard Sherman is on the company's GPlus page.
* The company’s Richard Sherman ad almost has 2M views on YouTube.

Great lessons from a brilliant Internet marketing team on how to make an event YOURS for a fraction of the cost advertisers will sped for a single 30 second ad.


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Why We Are All Content Curators Now - ScentTrail Marketing

Why We Are All Content Curators Now - ScentTrail Marketing | Curation Revolution |

This post shares a story, a story of a piece of content written for @ janlgordon How did Startup Trends 2014 II go from being a laggard at social shares to outshining its brother post (Startup Trends 2014 I)?

Ongoing curation and GPlus provide the answers and proving why we are all content curators now. The piece also shares some "down the SEO rabbit hole" content curation and creation perspective.

Promise to write more "down the SEO rabbit hole" content soon.

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How To Create Binge Worthy Content & Why That's Important

How To Create Binge Worthy Content & Why That's Important | Curation Revolution |
Netflix data shows a propensity for "binge watching". How do we create content marketing to encourage a binge?

This Haiku Deck shares tips on how to make your content marketing "binge friendly". 

Tagmotion's curator insight, January 15, 6:33 PM

Great insight that binge viewing is a big part of 'how we watch'. Could be an opportunity for Tagmotion, to promote multiple programs quickly by  opening up highlights (within programs) for sharing..

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6 Best Practices For Visual Content Marketing | Visually Blog

6 Best Practices For Visual Content Marketing | Visually Blog | Curation Revolution |
Become storytellers: Modern marketing is less about selling and more about creating brand experiences fueled by brand storytelling. You only have about eight seconds to catch consumers’ attention. To make those seconds count, thoroughly investigate your customers.

Some ways to do this: Start with exhaustive persona profiles to build buyer paths from high-level awareness down to purchase so that you’re creating the right types of offers to deliver the appropriate content at every stage of the buying process.

Persona research should include: raw data (surveys, internal sales, and analytics data), interviews with sales and support teams, and discussions with or polls sent to existing customers. Add Interest to Email. Despite news of its demise, email is still a marketing workhorse.

However, businesses must stop the “spray and pray” method in lieu of incorporating smarter strategies driven by automation to get the most out of the medium. Ways to standout in... keep reading

malek's curator insight, July 18, 12:45 PM

With detailed images, you can get the attention of up to 67% of your targeted audiences.

And,,,,,,,,you can download a free guide

juandoming's curator insight, July 18, 12:54 PM

add your insight...

massimo scalzo's curator insight, July 20, 5:07 AM

Martin Smith again on the importance of Visual Content Marketing, Storytelling and Persona !  Really Worth Reading !

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Marketing Revolution!

6 Reasons Content Curation Is Your Elephant - via @Curagami

6 Reasons Content Curation Is Your Elephant - via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |

Content Curation is the "new marketing" & this post shares 6 reasons curating content should be your online marketing's elephant:

6 Reasons Content Curation Should Be Your Elephant
* Easy to curate content for any receiving device (great for mobile / social web).

* Encourages Sharing.

* More Reach Faster.

* Content Curation Great & Subtle Value Add.

* Great way to test.

* Protects valuable modeled digital assets.

How about you? Is content curation your digital marketing elephant? This post helps define content curation and shares 6 reasons why you will be curating more content next year than this:  

Post mentions Scoopiteer @Brian Yanish - 

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Why Content Marketing Fails Slides By @RandFish via GrowthHackers

Why Content Marketing Fails Slides By @RandFish via GrowthHackers | Curation Revolution |
[Content Marketing, Must Read] Great slides by Rand Fishkin on what makes an effective content marketing strategy. He outlines 5 reasons why your strategy might fail: You believed the biggest myth content marketing ever told the world You made content without a community You invested in content creation, but not in it's amplification You ignored content's most powerful channel: SEO You gave up too fast
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Excellent and exhaustive punch to the gut of the many "content marketing" myths that exist. I would've added a section on Mark Schaefer's Content Shock, but that 1,000 word post is for another time. Between then (when I write the rejoinder) and now read Rand Fishkin's riff on why "inbound marketing" fails and see if you recognize some of your myths, urban legends and untruths about content marketing.

Love the almost RANDOM case view (see the beard slides) since that journey is so accurate to how journeys start, are sustained and end up in a purchase or subscription.

Also discusses visual marketing tend in a cool way (nope, nope, yes on Google).

malek's curator insight, May 21, 5:56 PM

How content marketing works?

Get ready for the long, entertaining and highly informative trip. I like the section about "content without a community", a real eye opener.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Social Media Conversations Are HERE - You In? via @Curagami

Social Media Conversations Are HERE - You In? via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Downloading the Vocus paper Monitoring The Social Media Conversation: From Facebook to Twitter via CIO Whie Papers is a pain. The paper helps explain what Curagami is all about. The paper has a PR slant, but its an important read for any and all Internet marketers: The prevalence of social media has not just grown …
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Many have asked what Curagami DOES? This post builds on an excellent Vocus post about monitoring the social media conversation to share how Curagami creates a tiny advantage that creates scale that creates a tiny advantage and so on to infinity :).

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What Is Long-Form Content and Why Does It Work?

What Is Long-Form Content and Why Does It Work? | Curation Revolution |
Ask two content marketers about long-form content and you’ll likely get two completely different responses. The first might say that long-form content is a gamble, given audiences’ supposedly min…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Storify Long Form Content To Win
Great post explaining why SHORT or LONG form content works and the middle drags. Amazing charts and graphs supporting why long form works ins a heuristic TIME ON SITE time (like this one). If your readers are ENGAGED they are more valuable than if they are "one and done" and long form content creates more engagement.

The post speculates on why, but my theory is its easier to tell a better story. It takes me 500 words just to get my scene set (lol). I'm kidding, but I do like to "storify" my content.

In this context "storify" means to find a larger story I can riff INTO the post or share a personal but relevant story that provides the same kind of "backbone" content.

malek's curator insight, May 12, 5:04 PM

A great piece of reading about adding more value with more content.  The examples are highly illustrative, turning a dry rock into live rock.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Curation Collisions Will Be Happening More and More

Curation Collisions Will Be Happening More and More | Curation Revolution |

Curation Collisions
I've been thinking about where the synchronous and asynchronous meet. It feels like the only art left is to COLLIDE ideas previously thought of as pristine or distinct. Together the active juxtaposition adds depth, information, mystery and hooks.

Hooks are TOUGH. We've been advertised to right up to our last nerve. The net effect of millions of ads is we don't believe much. Our skeptical hide is thick.

When we swing things around like a great Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) and smash them into one another we create the kind of surprise and arrested development that stops frenzied process just long enough to slip some passionate communication about how our parts can exceed our whole.

Can't think of a better idea of creating juxtaposition than the Poetics of Gesture image that pastes Twombly on a Basquiat. Too good!

What about you? Have you collided content creating surprise and arresting images in support of your #contentmarketing or #contentcuration?

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Curation Is The Next Web Revolution - ScentTrail Marketing Archive

Curation Is The Next Web Revolution - ScentTrail Marketing Archive | Curation Revolution |

Scenttrail Marketing Archive
Thought it might be an interesting exercise to revisit key posts from Scenttrail Marketing. Curation Is The Next Web Revolution is why I got to play with

After one of's founders, Marc Rougier, read this post they offered to let me play with their cool new tool while still in beta. Curation Is The Next Web Revolution feels more true today than when it was first shared in early 2011.

Curation is the best way to test content as I described in How I Use ( We are so committed to content curation we are building a new tool called CrowdFunde to help websites understand what content helps them the most.

No doubt in our mind content curation is what's next. What about you? Are you curating content? Share how you use tools like, G+, or your blog to create effective content marketing and we will share with our tribe.

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50 Great Content Curators - Ana Cristina Pratas via @CrowdFunde

50 Great Content Curators - Ana Cristina Pratas via @CrowdFunde | Curation Revolution |

Ana Cristina Pratas
My friend @Ana Cristina Pratas is our 2nd "Great Content Curator" to be profiled on CrowdFunde. Ana Cristina's joyful curation always lifts my spirits while teaching ideas and connections hard to imagine without her.

Ana Cristina is leading the charge of a new tribe of educators who understand the "deep learning" possible from content curation (see This Is Your Brian On Content Curation ). Ana was the 2nd curator to crest 1M views on, but numbers don't tell the whole story.

Every interaction I have with Ana Cristina I learn something, feel inspired and want to CREATE SOMETHING (lol). She is an inspiring leader, a great educator and a content curation treasure.

Ana Cristina Pratas's comment, April 16, 10:21 AM
You really made my day Marty! :-) Thank you!
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Why I Don't Like Scoopit Links on Twitter [+Scenttrail Comment]

Why I Don't Like Scoopit Links on Twitter [+Scenttrail Comment] | Curation Revolution |

I’m seeing more Scoopit links in my Twitter stream and I’m not crazy about it.  Sure it’s quick and easy to share with Scoopit.  But it not quick and easy to consume. For me it's all about the econ...

Marty Note (here is comment I wrote on Dr. V's blog)

Appreciate Bryan’s and Joseph’s comment, but I rarely use as a pass through. More than 90% of the time I’m adding “rich snippets” to content I Scoop.

Rich snippets are “blog” posts that fall between Twitter and the 500 to 1,000 words I would write in Scenttrail Marketing. I often create original content ON because whatever I’m writing falls in the crack between Twitter’s micro blog and what I think of as needing to be on my marketing blog.

I was taught NOT to pass through links on early on by the great curator @Robin Good . Robin has well over 1M views on now and his advice along with the patient advice of other great curators has my profile slouching toward 150,000 views.

Bryan is correct that some curators new to haven’t learned the Robin Good lesson yet. I agree it is frustrating to go to a link and not receive anything of value back, to simply need to click on another link. Curators who pass through links won’t scale, so the Darwinian impact will be they will learn to add value or die out.

For my part I always identify my links, probably about half the content I Tweet and about a quarter of my G+ shares. I also routinely share my favorite “Scoopiteers”, great content curators who taught me valuable lessons such as don’t simply pass through links but add “micro blogging” value via rich snippets.

When you follow or consistently share content from a great curator on you begin to understand HOW they shape the subjects they curate. I know, for example, Robin Good is amazing on new tools. anticipated this learning and built in a feature where I can suggest something to Robin.

This is when is at its most crowdsourcing best because I now have an army of curators who know I like to comment on and share content about design or BI or startups and they (other Scoopiteers) keep an eye out for me. There are several reasons is a “get more with less effort” tool and this crowdsourcing my curation is high on the list.

So, sorry you are sad to see links and understand your frustration. You’ve correctly identified the problem too – some curators don’t know how to use the tool yet. I know it is a lot to ask to wait for the Darwinian learning that will take place over generations, but and the web have “generations” that have the half life of a gnat so trust that the richness of the community will win in the end and “the end” won’t take long.

To my fellow curators we owe Bryan and Joseph thanks for reminding us of what Robin Good taught me – add value or your won’t scale. That lessons is applicable to much more than how we use


Added to G+ too


Peg Corwin's comment, March 10, 6:54 PM
Further to Therese Torris' comment, might we ask for a setting that allows us to choose to automatically tweet the post author when we re-scoop? It takes many clicks back and forth to get and add it.
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, March 10, 7:06 PM
Yes @Peg Corwin I see your "filtering" much like @Brian Yanish - work as providing value. As Brian shared he discard much more content than he is sharing. I think this builds on Robin's idea of "value" and its meaningful, fast and valuable to those who understand that filtering is the primary activity. I don't think its hard to know this since the second time a customer follows a link of yours or Brian's they know they are following your curation suggestion. On Sunday I thought "pass through" was an unsustainable model. After a day of #startup school I am not so sure. You and Brian are building a themed castle one brick (one share) at a time as surely as I am or anyone else using Today it feels like a defined link share as you and Brian have described is a valuable service. <br><br>You've hit the primary value AND I often cut the middle man out (something it isn't hard to do ust use Google to search the title). Bryan (Dr V) was complaining about the extra click and that is why I sometimes jump past the pass through too, but since that jump isn't difficult and the oeuvre you create has merit as a whole I think we are simply approach the same problem with a slightly different approach (pass through vs. value add). I think you and Brian are SAVING TIME since you evaluate mor content than you share. <br><br>Despite Dr. V's complaint about seeing links I think that is an important signal and a signals that connects the IDEA of your curation as a whole, so I would say when you drive to using a moniker is a good idea. M
Peg Corwin's comment, March 11, 9:19 AM
Thanks Marty. I think indexing a topic like this adds value in a different way to the curation.
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Hubs vs. Stand Out Content - Conversation With Mark Traphagen on G+

Hubs vs. Stand Out Content - Conversation With Mark Traphagen on G+ | Curation Revolution |

Hubs vs. Stand Out Content
Fascinating conversations with @ janlgordon@Guillaume Decugis& "Content Shock" author blogger Mark Schaefer helped create this conversation about Hubs vs. Stand Out Content with @Mark Traphagen.

As we attempt to understand and plan for the future of #SEO and #contentmarketing these conversations becoming increasingly important.

Lori Wilk's curator insight, January 28, 3:16 PM

Great to hear what's being said on issues of content creation vs content curation and we'll get the see what worked best when we tally up the results at the end of the year. I do agree that in many cases the writers are not getting paid enough to create the original content.It is easier to get more content delivered to more people, quickly, by having fewer original articles to create and more curated content to share. The curated content is already written and is waiting for more distribution. The original content takes more research, thinking, writing, editing, and then posting. It's a longer process to create new content and it costs more than curating existing content. The perfect combination of both content creation and content curation will be very lucrative for some platforms this year-we'll have to wait to see who figures it out the best and who makes the most money doing it.

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Shocked By Content Or Saved By Curation? via @gdecugis @markwschaefer @scenttrail

Shocked By Content Or Saved By Curation? via @gdecugis @markwschaefer @scenttrail | Curation Revolution |

Will content shock, a point where too much information chases too little attention, kill the inbound marketing golden egg laying goose? Maybe, maybe not.

Marty Note
Wrote thos post after reading @Guillaume Decugisexcellent Interest-based Content Curation Publishing: the cure for Content Shock?and Mark Shaefer's (@markwschaefer)equally as intriguing Content Shock: Why Content Marketing Is Not A Sustainable Strategy.

To understnad why I agree with both postions and that's possible you will need to read the ScentTrail Marketing post :).

@1918 Phil Buckley, @MarketingHits  @Brian Yanish - , @Curatti_  @ janlgordon 

ELISA TANGKEARUNG's curator insight, January 25, 1:36 PM

....:)..funny sir..i already know what you mean..

3 month ago..

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Great Content Curators See Patterns Others Don't So Curation Is Highly Disruptive

Great Content Curators See Patterns Others Don't So Curation Is Highly Disruptive | Curation Revolution |
What Is Content Curation Curation is an active filtering of the web’s infinite content and it may be the most disruptive Internet marketing tactic. Curators do more than simply assign meta value via categorization.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Disruptive & Exploding Content Curation
Wish I could tell you I plan to write sentences that will resonate and define something like content curation in a helpful way. The plan is to LOVE what I do and want to share it as often and as many ways as possible almost everything after that is accident (lol). 

Content curation is about to explode. It has too, as's CEO Guillaume noted a good argument could be made that all content that ever needs to be created already has. This means the shift is to the curators.

I read something attributed to uber-curator Maria Popova. She supposedly said each time an Internet marketer uses the word "curator" real curators kill a kitten. Popova was being dramatic, but I take her point. 

Our "curation" is digital curation - the active filtering, theming and organizing of a monster fire hose of content pointed at all of us. Our ability to read and make sense of the world may mean we are all "curators". A contemporary life requires curation. 

Wish I could plan my day to create another piece of content as well received and helpful as this post, but it doesn't work that way. Better to focus on digging the ditch that needs digging than worrying too much about "viral marketing" or "legacy" content (is my thinking :). M  


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