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 Newsjacking the Super Bowl with Dr. Dre
How Dr. Dre, Richard Sherman & Beats By Dre Headphones NEWSJACKED the super bowl with brilliant Internet marketing furthering the company's dominance.

Beats by Dre put on an impressive NEWSJACK last week. Richard Sherman made the "slow news week" before Super Bowl Hype starts this week anything but slow. Beats by Dre, the dominant high-end headphone company founded by the rapper and entrepreneur showed just how to surf a massive traffic wave with an impressive multi-channel attack:

* has Richard Sherman on its cover.
* Richard Sherman's picture is magically linked to every model of noise canceling headphone the company sells (neat trick that).
* Richard Sherman is on the company's GPlus page.
* The company’s Richard Sherman ad almost has 2M views on YouTube.

Great lessons from a brilliant Internet marketing team on how to make an event YOURS for a fraction of the cost advertisers will sped for a single 30 second ad.