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How Headphones, Miles Davis & Friends Saved My Live

How Headphones, Miles Davis & Friends Saved My Live | Curation Revolution |

Cans For Christmas
This link is to a true story about how headphones, a friend's amazing product that makes headphones sound insanely great (Black Dragon audio cable) and Miles Davis saved my life. Is your product saving anyone's life?

Are you THINKING in terms of how your product helps change the world?

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Martins Cure Cancer Story

Martins Cure Cancer Story | Curation Revolution |

Martin's Ride
Rode a bicycle across America in the summer of 2010 becasue, as a cancer survivor, it seemed like the thing to do at the time.

Story Of Cancer (@StoryofCancer)
We met thousands of cancer patients, their friends and families during our trek and got the idea to create the Story of Cancer community, a place to share our growing arhive of cancer stories, stories of hope, inspiration and care.

Cure Cancer Store (Please LIKE us on Facebook)

My other idea, sitting in chemo you get strange ideas, was to call upon my many Internet marketing friends to help once again. I would ask them to help me create an ecommerce store and then we would give all profits to cancer research.

Story of Cancer On
I've come to LOVE and the many amazingly talented curators who live inside this special community. My goal for Story of Cancer on is to curate cancer's hope, love, loss and care.

Please use those artistic, special, magical curation skills to help us tell the Story of Cancer on




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Hero Marketing via @Curagami - Whose Your Hero?

Hero Marketing via @Curagami - Whose Your Hero? | Curation Revolution |

Hero Marketing embraces the eulogy life we see & want but few live. Eulogy values are faith, hope, love & forgiveness needed to create Hero Marketing.

Hope your marketing and life are heroic. Hope you will share your hero. Read great hero story shared by Curagami ( co-founder Phil Buckley and share your Hero Story.

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