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Top 5 Reasons Today (5 more tomorrow)
This post got so good to me I had to break it into two. The top 5 reasons Amazon will be kicking ecommerce butt and taking names next year:

* Content Curation (they are better at riffing, snipping and spinning content than anyone). 
* Understand INFORMATION = more than half the "profit" of an online transaction. 
* Price Arbitrage (no prices is ever static on Amazon). 
* Arbitrage Everything (Amazon will trade anything and everything). 
* Amazon Thinks in web "scale" and that is BIG and BIGGER, Fast and FASTER. 

Don't despair. Yes Amazon will be kicking all of our butts for quite a long time online, but that doesn't mean we can't grab bull by horns and narrow the gap in 2014. Knowing what Amazon is so good at is a great place to figure what you can STEAL. 

Doesn't cost much to CHANGE your thinking and may win the day!