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Curation Revolution
Curation is the next web revolution.
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Ecom Merchants Amazon MustSteal Tactics Part II - ScentTrail Marketing

Ecom Merchants Amazon MustSteal Tactics Part II - ScentTrail Marketing | Curation Revolution |

Amazon Ecommerce Mus Steals Fro 2014 Continues with #6 - 10:

* Gamification.
* Speed.
* Shipping.
* Algorithms not people.

* Think Different.

Add teset to must steal tactics 1 - 5:

* Content Curation.

* Information Is Half The Profit.

* Price Arbritrage.
* Arbritrage Everything.
* Think in SCALE.

and you have an RX for ecommerce victory in 2014. Steal any 3 of those tactics and you will make more money this year than last.

1 - 5:

6 - 10

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The New Retargeting | MIT Technology Review

The New Retargeting | MIT Technology Review | Curation Revolution |
Ads that follow you from one website to another are increasingly common, but in the rush for more tailored advertising, age-old wisdom may be lost.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Weighing In On Retargeting

My friend Frank Pollock asked me to weigh in on this excellent post from Sloan. Here is my take on The New Ad Retargeting:

The Future Of Ad Retargeting
Great post by +Frank Pollock. Here is my answer to his question:

Retargeting works, but I like where this post is going too. I've felt for some time that simple static retargeting is dead. Static retargeting is displaying a batch and blast ad group and this article rightfully picks that idea apart.

I see a new kind of retargeting that combines sophisticated ad serving of the variety combined with predictive analytics, personas and segments. 

It is not enough to know I didn't respond to that last ad display. It is more important to know that I didn't respond and so that puts me into a new track, a track created by others within the same archetype or persona group (or tribe) who've acted in the same way. 

Can you rogue out of all tracks? Sure but those are exceptions that prove the value of well thought out branching paths and algorithms. When you are on track A and don't click you fall through to track A-1 and so on. The view / click feedback loop is so important and something quants such as +Melinda Thielbar should be able to help us tighten. 

Anytime "sophisticated" and "branching algorithms" are in the same sentence it means your creative investment must quadruple, but that will be true for Web 3.0 anyway since we will create NO static boxes and only dynamic threads to be fed based on sophisticated branching algorithms. 

Would I use simple static ad retargeting now? Probably NOT. Would I combine retargeting with ad serving, personas and sophisticated branching what if algorithms? In a heart beat :).M 

John van den Brink's curator insight, April 19, 2013 5:16 PM

Great Scoop via Martin Smith about Retargeting. Read the article and Martin's Insight.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

CONTENT: How Netflix + Roku Is Changing Content Curation

CONTENT: How Netflix + Roku Is Changing Content Curation | Curation Revolution |
How Netflix + Roku Is Changing Content Curation In Competitors Beware Ways.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Netflix + Roku is changing content curation. By making content a flexible layer of presentation a small number of titles feels infinite, relevance and User Generated Content goes up along with profits while costs go down. and very content curator and Internet marketer could learn a thing or two from Netflix + Roku. 

Lori Wilk's curator insight, December 26, 2013 5:30 PM

This was very helpful.