Business 101: Social Media Credibility – Why Retweets Equal Implied Endorsement | Curation Revolution |
Want to build your followers? Simple: share stuff worth retweeting. Nika Stewart on why a retweet is an implied endorsement and how to get more!


**** Even more than implied endorsement is is the modeled data point each RT represent. Since Internet marketing is a fancy way of saying we all roll dice with content and keywords now RTs = what matters NOW and so should be fed.


Feeding what matters most to our audience doesn't mean we aren't leading too. We had to create the content that got the RTs in the first place. Watching RTs like hawks on wires above fields looking for movement because movement = dinner makes their value well in excess of their weight. Anyone who thinks Twitter is over needs to understand how such an immediate feedback loop can't be "over" until something 2x as good stands in its place and good luck with that. Slinging rocks in the general direction of giants may work again (David v Goliath) but not easy or sure.


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