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Social Media Conversations Are HERE - You In? via @Curagami

Social Media Conversations Are HERE - You In? via @Curagami | Curation Revolution |
Downloading the Vocus paper Monitoring The Social Media Conversation: From Facebook to Twitter via CIO Whie Papers is a pain. The paper helps explain what Curagami is all about. The paper has a PR slant, but its an important read for any and all Internet marketers: The prevalence of social media has not just grown …
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Many have asked what Curagami DOES? This post builds on an excellent Vocus post about monitoring the social media conversation to share how Curagami creates a tiny advantage that creates scale that creates a tiny advantage and so on to infinity :).

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Ouch! Facebook Set to Eliminate Sponsored Stories in April & Why Hard To Market On FB

Ouch! Facebook Set to Eliminate Sponsored Stories in April & Why Hard To Market On FB | Curation Revolution |

Facebook will retire Sponsored Story advertisements beginning April 9. 

Marty Note
Wow, no sooner than I finish Gary Vaynerchuk's amazing explanation of about the value of Facebook's Sponsored Stories than I read Facebook will be eliminating them on April 9th.

Eliminating something a distinguished Internet marketing guru spends several pages of his latest book touting is the problem with Facebook marketing in a nutshell. Marketers are used to moving and changing, but investing in a platform requires enough stability to project ROI. 

Since Facebook changes all the time understanding how to "tune" marketing to the platform can be confusing and discouraging. The minute you find something that works, as a marketer, they eliminate or change it. 

Gary explains that Facebook is interested in protecting Facebook. Don't worry marketers know that since the message has gone out loud and clear from the beginning (and in sometimes very snotty ways). Marketers must know the expensive and finally successful strategies they create will be around long enough to provide some ROI. Anything else is simply another game of whack a mole. 

Wonder if Gary (@GaryVee) will blog about how the proposed changes impact his excellent explanation in Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook?  

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Robin Good Reaches 1M Views on Scoopit - Curation Works

Robin Good Reaches 1M Views on Scoopit - Curation Works | Curation Revolution |

Curation Works
Doubt the value of curated content? Have skeptical CFO who doubts the value of "inbound marketing" in general and curation in particular? You may want to introduce your CFO to Robin Good.

Robin is an uber-curator who knows about every cool tool moments after they push live and who speaks, teaches and explains content curation. Robin's Scoopit just reached 1M views. 

Your CFO may say, "Views don't matter, only conversion does". Let's grant your CFO his statement and ask a question. All things being equal do you think conversion increase in some synchronous dance with views? Let's continue to ask what small % your CFO will grant for conversion.

Lets say your CFO says 1%. The law of large numbers says we would rather have 1% of a million than one percent of a smaller number. 1% of 1M is 100,000. Even if what you sell cost a dollar Robin's curation on Scoopit just produced $100,000.

The other discussion for your CFO is to discuss Robin's cost basis. If you publish 1M words with a cost of $.05 a word you will spend $50,000. Even if you have the 50,000 creating that much content isn't always a good idea. 


We've created a new metric at Atlantic BT called Link Efficiency Index or LEI. LEI judges the ratio of content created (pages in Google) to inbound link support. Increasing page counts without social shares (links) lowers LEI and so makes a post Panda and Penguin Google unhappy. 


Curation can increase views, subscribers and conversion without lowering LEI especially when using a tool like Scoopit (if you embed Scoopit inside your stack you may want to keep Google's spider out or LEI can be hurt and dupe content issues may become an issue, an issue easily avoided with robots.txt or rel no follow). 

 Curation, especially when you are as good at is as Robin, generates views, subscribers, engagement and conversion while costing a fraction of the fully weighted cost of creation. Curation also avoids the, "Talk to yourself about yourself," trap 1M words of creation might create. 

Congratulations to uber-curator Robin Good. As I've written this Robin has had 500 views (amazing).  

David Hain's curator insight, August 28, 2013 10:00 AM

Long way to go then...!  Well done to the amazing Robin Good!

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Enterprise Social Media Marketing: How To Create A SOCIAL Business

Enterprise Social Media Marketing: How To Create A SOCIAL Business | Curation Revolution |
Peter Cardon: Social Business Goes to SchoolHuffington Post (blog)Increasingly, companies are using social media for other business goals: knowledge sharing, product development and innovation, talent management, and many forms of internal and...
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, December 15, 2012 4:33 PM

Business and educators are getting the concept of "social business." They're just not all doing it yet.

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Social Media Marketing - The Most Valuable ROI

Social Media Marketing - The Most Valuable ROI | Curation Revolution |

Hunting social media marketing ROI can make it easy to ignore the most important point - Your company, brand and product must have a social media marketing strategy.

Marty Note
The soial ROI controversy is in high gear thanks to a Forrester report (see my Don't Follow GoofyStupid and the Clueless post from yesterday: ). I thought it would be a good idea to go over some social media marketing basics. 

First, I am NOT a mystic or philosopher. I was trained in e-commerce by direct marketers. I believe in Internet marketing's ROI. Increasingly I understand that ROI is tied to who we are, what we project and how well our talk matches our walk.

Caveat stated, here are some thoughts on what Social Media Marketing IS:

* Aspirational - speaks to who we ARE and Want To Be.
* Connection - speaks to our desire to learn from each other.
* Exploration - speaks to the inner explorer in all of us. 
* Saves World - creates community and action. 
* Elicits Joy - helps share discoveries, joy, victories and defeats. 

If these attributes sound like Jim Stengel's fundamental human characteristics brands need to align to it is on purpose (read GROW by Stengel). In the post Social Media Marketing The Most Valuable ROI I asked if you could afford NOT to create a social presence. I don't think avoiding things is as powerful as wanting something. Let's recast the question and ask if it is important your brand connect, explore, impact, have aspirations and share joy? 

Yes right? 

Social Media The Most Valuable ROI

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Social Media Marketing - The Most Valuable ROI

Social Media Marketing - The Most Valuable ROI | Curation Revolution |
Hunting social media marketing ROI can make it easy to ignore the most important point - you company, brand and product must have a social media marketing strategy.


My most popular Atlantic BT post with more than 300,000 viewers via RTs.

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Research Shows Social Media To Be An Effective Marketing Tool | Business 2 Community

Research Shows Social Media To Be An Effective Marketing Tool | Business 2 Community | Curation Revolution |
In our technologically advanced society, it is surprising to see that not all companies are taking advantage of how the Internet could have a significant impact...

Via Susan Bainbridge
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Social Media Referral Traffic +42%, $ Jumps + 63% and SMBs Rule [infographic]

Social Media Referral Traffic +42%, $ Jumps + 63% and SMBs Rule [infographic] | Curation Revolution |
In 2013, both large and small retailers earned business by making social media a priority. But it was the small merchants, operating exclusively online, that dominated the top ranks of the social media 500. This infographic takes a closer look at how SMBs can harness the power of smart placement, great content and nimble response.

Marty Note
I Loved this Line
"According to an Internet Retailer study, monthly referral traffic to e-commerce websites from Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube increased 42 percent, while the revenue generated from those visitors jumped nealry 63 percent."

There has been a debate about social media and SEO. Google continues to insist SMM has no role in ranking. This is disingenuous because it isolates Google from its parts.

Social media, as this infographic shows conclusively, helps with important Internet concepts like traffic, revenue and loyalty. Those are the "parts" that Google's continued claims that SMM doesn't impact rankings discounts.

Everything impacts rankings. Everything that brings traffic to or back to a website impacts SEO rankings. It has to since that is the nature of the game we play.

Good conversation breaking out on G+  

Via Hannah du Plessis
malek's curator insight, February 26, 7:52 AM

It's all about the interaction of consumers with products online. The recently released Google's new Hummingbird algorithm put more weight to how your business, product, or service is being talked about on the social Web.

Ali Anani's curator insight, February 26, 9:16 PM

Stay in the race by grasping social media

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Ultimate Guide To Measuring The Best Social Network For Internet Marketers - Google Plus [via @jeffsauer ]

Ultimate Guide To Measuring The Best Social Network For Internet Marketers - Google Plus [via @jeffsauer ] | Curation Revolution |

Ultimate Guide To Measuring Most Disruptive Social Net
I'm a big fan of +Jeff Sauer's work. Jeff's work is creative, intelligent and comprehensive. I…

Great @FerreeMoney question on this G+ vs. Scoopit on this post.  

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

GooglePlus Rocks

The linked post explains why Google plus is the most valuable "social network" on the planet and recommends Jeff Sauer's Ultimate Guide To Measuring Google+. 

If you don't know Jeff's work get to know it. Jeff’s work is great and this guide is amazing. If you remain a #GooglePlus hater good and please come compete with me (lol). 

As I explained in the linked post I LOOK FOR the kind of loud, ignorant and way too over confident BS that was circulating about G+. Those naysayers mean there is a tool I must investigate and master. 

We lucky few Internet marketers must be empathic rebels, a difficult combination to master. We must understand trends others miss and buy cheap and sell rich. When I hear a loud Greek chorus my ears always perk up. 

My use of Google+ over the last two years says that contrarian streak has paid off again. ROI assured it is time to master the most disruptive social network on the planet and that is where Jeff's amazingly detailed understanding of this tool comes in. 

Jeff provides his "Ultimate Guide" (and for once that term is accurate) in multiple formats. I'm working my way through the PDF (and yes that means I am old school). Learn anyway that works for you, but LEARN. 

There are only a handful of people on EARH who can make millions online. Making money online requires putting someone else first, something most aren't willing to do. Every great Internet marketer I know signed on to G+ years ago, but even they could learn a thing or too from @JeffSauer's amazing guide.  

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Suggested by Chintan Jain!

Infographics ROCK Twitter and LinkedIn, Leave Facebook Cold: Measuring ROI [Infographic]

Infographics ROCK Twitter and LinkedIn, Leave Facebook Cold: Measuring ROI [Infographic] | Curation Revolution |
Infographics on Return On Infographics ROI on business for sales and conversion of product with search engine ranking, social interaction, page views
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

What Is The Value Of Data Visualization?
I appreciate the information about where infographics work, great to know Twitter and LINKEDIN love 'em, Facebook not so much, but this is NOT how I would create ROI. 

An Infographic's ROI is more than the immediate surface acceptance it creates. All websites communicate in OVERT and COVERT ways. Infographics help send an overt message of being easy to understand and so easy to work with. 

Infographics also work on visitor and potential customer psychology, the covert layer. Covert communications include:

* Contemporary risk takers. 
* Intelligent, smart.

* Fast moving. 
* Careful to create mutual benefit.

* Expert.
* Good teachers.
* Listen well (because you knew what to create a graphic about).

* Cool, fun and engaging.


Can the infographic you create undo these inherit values? Sure, the devil is always in the details, but the covert communication created by infographics and the visual presentation of data is an undeniable trend. 

Some say we are at the end of the trend; the end is near for infographics. All things form a power distribution. 5% or less of all infographics created will get 90% of the views because they are perfectly timed, more visually engaging or promoted by the right people. 

The measure of a marketing tactic is what if your result lands squarely in the middle of the bell curve of acceptance. What if you only achieve an average response, can the effort pay for itself. The way this infographic suggests to gauge ROI based on metrics might make the tactic fall short or say you can't afford average, you must be GREAT. 

Who doesn't know they must be GREAT to achieve an audience these days? There are two ways to greatness: win the lottery or listen, learn, test and improve. I come from the school of test, tweak and test again and am confident any infographic P&L properly weighted AT THIS TIME would show positive ROI. 

"At this time" is large and in charge in the previous sentence because the market is alive and may change. We marketers tend to FLOOD winners and so drown the tactic. Could happen, but don't think we are there yet AND costs of infographic creation are coming down so continuing to work on visual support for your marketing is a good investment.  


Ken Morrison's curator insight, February 18, 2013 3:22 PM

Ken's Key Takeaway:  

I am sharing this link for two reasons.  I like that it shares a list of the most popular infographic.  I also like that it shows how to attempt to evaluate the ROI of an infographic.  

255's comment, February 19, 2013 9:21 PM
Could be that infographics tells something in an easy way about relevant point ?
Mercor's curator insight, February 22, 2013 3:45 AM

Rescooped by 255 from Bussines Improvement and Social media onto Handling Engineering & Controls

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Five Reasons Why Marketers FAIL on Facebook

Five Reasons Why Marketers FAIL on Facebook | Curation Revolution |
What content works best, what time to publish updates and how to use sponsored stories are consistent themes being discussed among nonprofit marketers.

Marty Note
Great piece that goes perfectly with a note I just made on how companies waste Social Media money ( ). In that note I shared my suspicion that the Facebook problem, no one making any money there, is as much our fault as Internet marketers as the platform creators.

This excellent article from Huffington provides the reasons why we fail in Facebook and every point here rings TRUE. If you have other tactics we IMers need to change to be successful in Facebook share your thoughts. I will grind on it to and see what I come up with.

Via Gina Stepp, Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, November 22, 2012 5:21 AM
Thanks for the Rescoop Don. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Marty
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Don't Follow GoofyStupid Or Truly Clueless On Social Media ROI [Marty Note]

Don't Follow GoofyStupid Or Truly Clueless On Social Media ROI [Marty Note] | Curation Revolution |

Marty Note
A Forester analyst has kicked up quite a storm with a study showing:

"Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't look like social networks do a whole lot to drive sales, according to a recent report by Sucharita Mulpuru at Forrester Research.

Less than 1 percent of the online transactions she tracked could be traced to a social media post, Mulpuru told us. With those kind of numbers, it seems like a waste to invest in selling products via social media."

The GoofyStupids
What if we called social media marketing customer service. Does that change your feeling about it? Do you answer your phone and emails in a timely way? Do you engage in friendly conversations with customers and other stakeholders? Yes right, so social media marketing isn't so different than what you are already doing just uses new tools.

The Truly Clueless
How can Forrester, or anyone, know what can't be known? We know social signals are in Google's algorithm. We can assume more social is better than less social (I've seen examples where Facebook likes can lift SEO for one example). How would Forrester or anyone be able to calculate the impact of SEO gains leading to traffic gains leading to conversons? Answer: They can't.

The truth is everything is SOUP now. Try and remove elements of the soup and it doesn't taste the same. Want to really test Forrester's assertion, an assertion being bullhorned around the world, then TURN YOUR SOCIAL OFF. Want to be really daring and prove Forrester's point then TURN YOUR SOCIAL OFF AT CHRISTMAS.

Here is the difference between me and Forrester. First I've made $30M online fighting in the trenches daily and I wouldn't turn off social on a bet. Second I don't pretend to be able to understand what is being used by who to do what.

No matter how good your quants are they aren't inside Google and if they get inside Google they won't live long enough to tell that story, so turn off your social this Christmas and report back. Here are a few metrics you want to be sure to watch:

* Unique Visitors (traffic).
* Repeat Visitors (Visits / Visitors = Average Visits per Visitor or repeat visits).
* Engagement (Time On Site, Pages Viewed, Bounce Rate).

* Conversion Rate. 

Turn social off and I predict uniques soften. Repeat visits may decline too. Repeat goes down because the traffic net is smaller so some erosion across the base could happen. Repeat is about how many people love your website enough to come back. Since repeat visits is a ratio it could stay constant even as traffic weakens. 

Typically weakness in the flow of traffic can deteriorate some metrics that wouldn't seem like they should erode. Think of a fire hose vs. a garden hose. The fire hose creates so much force it makes up for a lot (lol). The garden hose doesn't have the volume so you sacrifice reach and elongate the time needed to water.

Engagement and conversions deteriorate too despite the fact that it wouldn't seem like they should. The reason engagement and conversions erode may surprise you - no social signal, no counters to confirm a buying decision.

Bet Forrester didn't think about the impct of those little counters in their study :). I used to be an Ecommerce Director and there is NOTHING more powerful than social signals to increase conversion (video runs a close 2nd). Here are examples of social signals that help e-commerce conversion:

* Reviews (good luck selling anything without them).
* Likes and Shares (smart retailers tell me which of MY friends liked something).

* The number of Likes and Shares, from whom and how fast they trend. 
* Testimonials (reviews of the company, need some negative in here to be believed).
* Review the Reviewer - this feature keeps the reviews honest.

So let's think about a typical and important ecommerce action. A user comes on your site and writes a review. Since there are no social signals, no Tweets or Likes, they leave and DON'T SHARE their review with anyone.

Tell me Forrester How did you calculate the lost sales? A: Forrester didn't and couldn't. Forrester looked at a multi-dimensional problem with linear one way glasses. Internet marketing is highly relevant and I mean that in a E=MC2 way. Since modeling actions NOT taken for reasons Forrester clearly doesn't understand is impossible, the Forrester SMM ROI study is clueless. 

I could go on but my blood pressure would go up 10 points and it isn't worth it. Don't follow either the goofystupids or the truly clueless. Social matters, creates ROI and should be a channel in your marketing mix (full stop :). 

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Pinterest and Cost of Loyal Users

Pinterest and Cost of Loyal Users | Curation Revolution |
Pinterest now drives more referral traffic (3.6%) than YouTube (1.05%), Google+ (0.22%), and LinkedIn (0.2%) combined, according to Shareaholic's January 2012 Referral (The rise of Pinterest -

Via AnnaGenis, Ken Horst
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Social Media Marketing - The Most Valuable ROI | Atlantic BT

Social Media Marketing - The Most Valuable ROI | Atlantic BT | Curation Revolution |

Hunting social media marketing ROI can make it easy to ignore the most important point - you company, brand and product must have a social media marketing strategy.

*** My article for Atlantic Business Technolgies (where I am Director Marketing) about Social Media Marketing's undeniable importance. Here is my favorite line:


Customers will forgive, guide and understand failure. Soon no existing or potential customer will forgive social absence.

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