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Bill Gassett & Crowdfunding Real Estate
Great call about crowdfunding real estate yesterday with @Bill Gassett. Bill is a leader in the use of social media, blogging and G+ for realtors. Bill explained that his business tends to be mercenary - they don't inter-link.

Bill does and that is why he has thousands of followers on G+ and his other social nets. I introduced Bill to and he loves it. Next journey we will take together is to add #crowdfunding to his real estate site:  

CrowdFunde now has 4 partners with one pending. Instead of STOPPING we are going to increase the number of beta partners from 5 to 10. We haven't found a 501c3 nonprofit yet and the more content we have flowing through the engine fast the more CrowdFunde's rising content marketing and crowdfunding tide will help create scale.

SO, our Partner SEARCH is still ON! Learn more details here: