Is Google changing marketing or the other way around?

Marty Note
Why would I subject you to an old SlideShare from 2009? It is a hoot to look back and see how much I missed and how much I got right. I'm batting better than 50% in the predictions department and beating chance (lol). Did I miss MOBILE? Yep :). 

The SEO Cool Part
The other reason I share this presentation is it has been sitting at #1 or #2 (absolute meaning no float) on the phrase "Content Marketing Network" almost since I put it up in 2009 WITH NO FURTHER SUPPORT. 

If you are new to this game we Internet marketers play let me translate that last for you - SlideShare is SEO HUGE.  Make sure creation and uploads of SlideShares is part of your ongoing content strategy especially for long tail terms like this.