Internet Markeing Lessons From Coke Freestyle Soda Machine | Curation Revolution |

Can a soda machine teach important Intenret markeitng lessons? Yep, the brilliant Coke Feestyle machine is a stduy in Lego-like building simple, adding touch so even complex things feel easy and the "appification" of everything.

We share ideas for how to move Coke Freestyle machines into an Internet of things by using a mobile app to create community and gamify their very cool soda machine: :

  • Connect machines to the web and show top choices for this location.
  • Also show top "downloads" from major related cities (Charlotte or Austin for Raleigh).
  • Widgetize the "popular soda" app so it can be easily shared on blogs.
  • Have a contest on who can create the most tasty new flavor. 
  • Show a video on how to create new favors. 
  • Create FourSquare-like mobile - Freestyle games and interactions.