5 Quick Tests To Know If Your Company Is A Social Media Failure via Scenttrail | Curation Revolution | Scoop.it
Becoming A Social Business - 5 Quick Tess
If your answer is NO to any 2 of these questions your company is failing to become a "social business". Good news is fix is easy, just be able to say YES to all five:

Twitter - Do you FOLLOW at least 50% Of Your Followers (and do so with some presence and reasoning)?

Twitter - Do you respond to @YOU comments in hours or less?

GPlus - Are YOU and YOUR COMPANY on GPlus?

Pinterest - Are you anticipating the visual marketing revolution by PINNING?

Facebook - Have you held at least one Facebook contest and/or responded to and allowed customers to post on your Facebook wall?

YouTube - Do you have a YouTube Channel and are you posting there at least weekly?

We are past the time when merely having a Twitter button meant anything. Your business must USE and be PRESENT on these tools or your social buttons create powerful "Don't Get It" dissonance.

What other "social tests" can you think of? Marty