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The Silo Effect - Fareed Zakaria's GPS Interview of author Gillian Tett [video]

The Silo Effect - Fareed Zakaria's GPS Interview of author Gillian Tett [video] | Curation Revolution |

Silo Effect Interview
Great Fareed Zakara GPS interview with author and social anthropologist Gillian Tett today. Tett's book, The Silo Effect, sounds like a must read for web marketers. 

I ordered my copy today in anticipation of my drive to Columbus in a few weeks. Tett sounds like a web marketer when she explains the importances of THINKING and the value of random collisions.

Efficiency, the mantra of so many businesses today, can speed up the silo effect Tett explains. Successful web marketing takes a village. Silos are your enemy.

As we note in out riff on the interview on Curagami ( )  web marketing is highly tribal and easy to judge the wrong thing as important. As an Ecommerce Director I used to tell my team, "We are going to fly the plane right into the side of a mountain and feel good about the entire way in". 

That "Marty saying" was a nod to the web's complexity. Best to judge less and randomly collide more. Great interview and we will report back on the book. If you've already read Tett's book The Silo Effect let us know what you think.  

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Prepare for AuthorRank, Get the Jump on Google

Prepare for AuthorRank, Get the Jump on Google | Curation Revolution |

If you're like me and you have your finger on Google’s pulse on a daily basis, you’ve undoubtedly heard of AuthorRank.

Marty Note
Author rank is going to be huge because...

* People can't steal your copy anymore.

* Since they can't steal SEO is protected (don't bleed PageRank).

* Great way to increase Klout score.

* Great way to organize all the content you create across the web.

* Great way to see what you are creating (and how much).

* See trends faster so tune creation better.

If you don't know about author rank you should. I was at a presentation last week about Google Plus and Author Rank is going to be HUGE.  

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, September 23, 2012 9:52 PM
Thanks for the Rescoop on AuthorRank Jeff. Marty