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Five Ecom Masterclass Holiday Sales Tips
Here ae five things you can use to improve your holiday sales this year and they only take a few minutes to create:

1. REDUCE your email marketing to a SINGLE Offer.

2. Construct DEFENSIVE KPIs.

3. POLL What to put on sale.
4. As Deadline Nears INCREASE Free Shipping Trigger Reduce TIME.

5. Create A Shipping Calendar Graphic.

1. REDUCE Email To A Single Offer
During the sumer we noticed average visits before purchases were up over 3. In the summer including several things in your email marketing make sense. Not so much in 4Q when it takes just over one visit before purchase. NARROW your offers and make them more dramatic. Best Offers, Best Times of the Year is a lesson learned from my previous DM bosses.

2. Defensive KPIs
At this time of year if your trends are what is expected move on and do the other million things you need to do. If your KPIs are trending plus or minus more than 3 points of standard deviation then DEEP DIVE and FAST. If you are lucky enough to have an anayst tighten their DEEP DIVE parameters at this time of year because you don't have "recovery time" if everything goes to HELL.

3. Poll Waht To Put On Sale
When in doubt ASK is a great tactic in these social shopping times. Your poll gets a nice social share ratio and trust increases when customers tell you do do something and then you actually do it.

4.Free Shippig Trigger

12.25 Means TIME is more valuable than money after about 12.15 so if your Free Shipping trigger has been set at $50 move it up to $75 BUT upgrade the shipping to 2 Day. Once you are in the overnight bubble increase your trigger again and comp the overnight. When you treat your customers to the shipping they NEED they reward you back with very high AOVs. If your trigger is $125 for overnight I bet the average cart is $175 (or more. TRUST goes UP when you match your offer to the priority that matters and as 12.25 approaches TIME and guaranteed delivery is more importqnt thqn money.

5. Shipping Calendar Graphic
This is such an EASY win I don't know why more websites don't do it. Tabelize qnd make fun a calendar with your shipping deadlines (when shipping must be upgraded to insure arrival by 12.25 or when ground will arrive on the west coast (if your warehouse is on the east coast). The more information you share the sooner the better. I like big calendar-like graphics that can't be missed.