Screaming Owl Lessons In How To Create A Social Business | Curation Revolution |

Our friends at Screaming Owl helped increase Facebook likes by almost 2,000 in a day. In doing so they are teaching valuable lessons in how to create a social business including:

* Define Your Tribe (moms and the little ones they love).
* Define Your Mission (hot deals).
* Align mission with something the web does well (communication).
* Find tools to help create sense of urgency (the picture below is a great example of a feedback loop tool that really works).
* Be Personal - Morgan's email has a great and authentic voice because it shared a tough personal experience but did so in an inspirational way.
* Give something of value away.
* Enlist and enroll (by sharing or donating Screaming Owl moms up the ante and receive more chances to win the bag).
* Short deadlines (3 days and on to the next thing).

See if you can win the most powerful purse in the world and find great social business lessons here: