50 Great Content Curators - Paper.li's Kelly Hungerford - via @CrowdFunde | Curation Revolution | Scoop.it

50 Great Content Curators
Another #mustfollow if you believe as we do that community will be the next big skirmish line in Internet marketing (read Ouch! 3 Ways To Avoid The Coming Community Shock on Curatti.com http://curatti.com/3-ways-avoid-community-shock/ ). Kelly is a great community manager for one of our favorite get more done with less social media marketing tools - Paper.li.

Just like with Ally, Scoop.it's community Manager Ally Greer and one of our top 50 Content Curators too ( http://www.crowdfunde.com/great-content-curator-ally-greer/ ) there is a lot to learn from in following Kelly.

Watch the variety of topics she discusses on the Paper.li community (linked on the post) and learn how to mesh content to support your online branding via content curation.