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Steal This Survey To Post Idea
Had a great stay at the Courtyard by Marriott in downtown Charlotte during the Search Exchange conference. I NEVER fill out surveys since who has the time, but the service was so good I wanted to share that information with Marriott.

I broke my rule and completed a survey that was at least 2 pages too long. Started out looking all Net Promoter and then just went on too long. Glad I hung with it because if I'd bailed I wouldn't have seen one of the coolest ideas - use surveys to create web reviews.

The last page asked me to write a review TO GO TO THE COURTYARD WEBSITE. Now that is BRILLIANT. Bet they are smart enough to create a new webpage with the 100 words I just shared too adding to page spread and aggregating reviews on their property.

Why am I so confident Courtyard is that good? Look at their 7,000 follows on 43K following number (15%). IMPRESSIVE. Most big brands think social is about THEM talking to you. That's why I created Social Its About the Conversation Stupid on Haiku Deck ( ).

Don't have to teach Courtyard by Marriott to listen. They are and the experience in their hotel was pretty amazing as a result. Now all they need is our startup Curagami ( ) to take their community to the next level of excellence in listening :). M