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Week 3 Curators Are Live

March 9th Update
- Semifinalists Posted & Voting Schedule

Vote for content curators based on these Criteria:

  • Consistent with curation philosophy
  • Content is helpful, cool, engaging and fun
  • Do YOU want to curate THEIR content

Each week for the next few weeks (starting on Monday normally) we will share 5 Top Curators, curators who've already made it through one big cut (from hundreds of entries). Total vote count determines 3 finalists and a three judge panel awards an Ipad 2 (Grand Prize), a Kindle Fire (Silver Medal) and A New Voices award. Ten curators will be invited to have profiles on Atlantic BT with a special Top Ten Curator of 2011 Badge.


Contest updates will be posted:

And your host and curation lover (Marty Smith):

Notifications to semifinalists are going out as fast as I can write emails (won't be finished until Friday). Thanks to everyone for such great support of what we hope will become an annual contest and for such fantastic curation.

Good luck and VOTE NOW.

March 8 Update

Voting Is HOT and Heavy with Anise Smith doing GREAT, total vote count determines 3 finalists so keep voting please.

(page we will be using for Content Curation voting through the end of March)

Finished the selections today and promise to email everyone tomorrow. Many favorites will be included and voting will go through March. I even "entered" the last week sharing my links and philosophies to let people know I don't just look like a curator I play one on too :).