Google Becoming Irrelevant: Social Search 70% of Searching by 2013 - | Curation Revolution |

Not sure I would go anywhere near this far (Google being irrelevant) since Google isn't sitting still. CEO of  uber agency WPP just mentioned his company increased their Google spend 17% while flattening out Facebook a week ago on @Squawkbox. That said, I do see incursion being made by mobile search, video and social search. The Google castle is in need of defending.

From The Article: "Google’s search marketing services may be becoming irrelevant due to the rise of social search.


That’s in addition to a failure to recognize that Google+ cannot be the sole solution to social search with an always increasing number of web properties.


Info-Tech Research Group expects that Google, which held 90% of the search market in 2010, will only hold 30% in 2013, due to the rising impact of social search".


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