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Curation in Higher Education
Using curation strategies to enhance teaching and learning in higher education contexts.
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Rescooped by Kim Flintoff from 21st Century Learning and Teaching!

Blogging as a Curation Platform

Blogging as a Curation Platform | Curation in Higher Education |
I have written about curation before using Twitter as a Curation Tool and about the importance of helping our Students Becoming Curators of Information.  Sue Waters also just published a very compr...


Content curation requires more than just the selection of information. It’s the assembling, categorizing, commenting and presenting of the best content available.


Learn more:


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Chuck Bartok's curator insight, June 18, 7:28 AM

Both great articles about Curation.


Sue Gould's curator insight, June 19, 2:09 PM

The face of educational instruction is changing once again.  The relaxed manner in which these notes are representing important content is fabulous.  A cirle is almost complete - as a child this sort of doodling in class was stopped and a punishable offense!  Yet so many tutors, educators, and trainers are idealists and visualise while learning and observing the world around them.  It is great to see that this representation of learning is on a comeback of acceptance.

Mónica Silakowicz's curator insight, June 24, 6:39 AM

Curar contenido es más que simplemente buscar y seleccionar información.

Rescooped by Kim Flintoff from 21st Century Tools for Teaching-People and Learners!

The Curated One-Stop Hub for Learning Video: Mobento

The Curated One-Stop Hub for Learning Video: Mobento | Curation in Higher Education |

Robin Good: Mobento is a hub of curated educational video clips integrating a special search engine capable of finding any word spoken inside the video collection and of visualizing where the words were spoken on a timeline.


From the official site: "This is a library and a library has librarians. That’s us. We’ll be rigorous in only uploading high quality, fascinating videos from established academic institutions and learning organizations."




Try it out now:



Via Robin Good, Gust MEES
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