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How to clear your Facebook search history

How to clear your Facebook search history | curating your interests |

How to clear your Facebook search history


Can you lose your Facebook Page because you didn't follow the rules? Facebook would never shut down a Page because they ran a contest and did something like... oh, I don't know, maybe offer to donate a dollar to charity for every Like their Page gets... right?

I'm constantly seeing people saying they've never heard of a Page being shut down for violating a rule and that Facebook doesn't enforce most of them anyway. Well, here are two examples of some popular Pages that were shut down by Facebook for some seemingly innocent contest rule violations. Think it's okay to do it just because you see the big dogs doing it? Think again.

Via Martin Gysler
Martin Gysler's comment, February 4, 2013 7:22 AM
Indeed Edna :-)
Dawn Jensen's curator insight, February 5, 2013 9:07 PM

It's always great practice to also  to go back and review what you've posted and commented on just in case. This is a must-do.

Martin Gysler's comment, February 6, 2013 11:27 AM
Yes Dawn, and I think it's not only a must-do but also an educational matter.
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Online Etiquette Cheat Sheet: Social Media, Email & IM

Online Etiquette Cheat Sheet: Social Media, Email & IM | curating your interests |

There are plenty of online trolls out there who will make it their objective to lower your self esteem on the Internet. Sometimes it’s a way for them to get attention, and other times they simply want to get their message across. There is really no way to shield yourself from it. It’s everywhere, and that will most likely always be the case. If you want to make sure you don’t come across as an attention seeking troll, you might consider following some of the unspoken rules that have evolved on the Internet since its release. It’s not all that boring to learn them either since there is now a cheat sheet for modern online etiquette available.


This simple and straight forward online etiquette cheat sheet is quite interesting since it deals with etiquette for email, message boards, Facebook, Twitter as well as for instant messaging. Knowing a few things about online etiquette will definitely benefit you while you tread the Internet looking for information and interesting people to connect with. The great thing about cheat sheets is that you can print them out and keep them by your side in case you are unsure of anything, or if you just want to update yourself every once in while.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media Checklist for Business

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media Checklist for Business | curating your interests |
People always ask us what basic things they can do on a day to day basis, to improve their social media presence on the top social communities.


Well the guys at the whole brain group have put together a great Infographic, that can be printed and used as your daily social media checklist for your business.


Check out 8 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Edgerank, Engagement, and Success if you are looking for a basic strategy to really improve your Facebook fanpage’s success.

Via Peter Azzopardi
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