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Excerpted from review article by Mashable:

"When you hear a new band and you want to know more about them, the first place you go is probably Google. But searching for them yields a glut of disconnected information. You want to hear their music. You want to see if they use social media.


Maybe you want to see them on tour or actually buy something to support them. And you never know if you’re going to find that all in one place.


Official band websites are often lacking, and fail to link between different platforms. You need a hub — something that connects things like Twitter, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud in on place. You specifically don’t want to have to conduct multiple Google searches just to find out if this band even uses those services.


The solution is Artists.MTV. The new platform offers artists the opportunity to claim their page, or in the case of independent or emerging bands to create their own. From there, they are offered customization options, including the ability to create a Facebook Timeline-like cover photo.


Perhaps most impressive is that Artists.MTV is more than just an opportunity for bands to play in MTV’s sandbox.


But if a band has never had any MTV exposure, it can still sign up and populate its page with its own content. This is an important development for MTV.


Down the line, there are various opportunities for artists to make money off their page, which is huge. While anyone will have the opportunity to promote their music via iTunes, Bandcamp, or any other vendor of their choosing, there will also be an ad revenue share for artists once the platform exits its beta period...."



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