Peretti: Human Curation Beats SEO in the Social Web | Curaduria de contenidos y Preservacion digital |

Recomendacion humana de contenidos le gana a los buscadores:


"Jonah Peretti, a co-founder of Huffington Post and CEO of Buzzfeed, said at PandoMonthly tonight in New York that he doesn’t care about SEO anymore. He views it as a broken system that optimizes for robots, not humans." Erin Griffith reports on Pandodaily.


“Media and content are human businesses, and it’s a problem for humans to give so much power to Google, which is a robot” he said.


Without saying Google is Skynet and evil, more and more people now see the flaws compared to what information networks like Twitter can produce (not saying the latter is perfect either). His conclusion is that you shouldn't care about SEO anymore but I think there's an even more compelling reason to move to Curation. Google is increasingly taking social signals into account so that Social is becoming the new SEO no matter which angle you take it from:

- whether because your audience will find you first on social networks

- whether because your content will be well positioned in Search results because human curators will pick it up (and therefore Google too).


The debate whether SEO still matters or not is not important. What's relevant is that great content that please human genuine interests will surface more than it used to thanks to the work of human curators.

Via Guillaume Decugis