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Robin Good: Twylah is a web service which "auto-curates" your Twitter stream by generating a full web site which auto-organizes and visualizes your tweeted content around a set of specific topics.


Here is a real-world example of my own tweet-stream "auto-curated" by Twilah: 

Impressive. Key Features:


- Harnesses the SEO power of all your tweets by grouping them into relevant topics


- Creates a more engaging space for your followers and fans 


- Provides a high-value content platform on auto-pilot for any author


- Facilitates subscriptions to your Twitter channel


- Integrates a PowerTweet function which not only allows to Tweet from any web page, but it "auto-creates" a  thematic web page just-in-time around your very tweet topic.


(Now that Twylah has kicked out a few bugs that were preventing based curators like me to extract the best from this new service, I am very impressed by what I see.)

This is one of the best examples of how much MORE value can be extracted by "curating", organizing and "presenting" appropriately what IS ALREADY out there. 


Check some of Twylah "featured" pages here: 


If you want to drive engagement beyond the single tweet, and show others what you cover and are all about, at-a-glance, I am hard-pressed in finding something better than Twylah.

If you use Twitter and you share lots of valuable news across different topics, I strongly suggest you request an invite to Twylah right now:  


To get the complete picture on Twylah and what it is all about check out this video: 

(Reviewed by Robin Good)

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