Short Fuses: Do Some Sports Make Kids More Violent? (Infographic) | Culture traits. |

Are students who play sports more violent? Research done by Xin Jian (a PhD candidate at Ohio State) raises this question. Quoting from the post:

"Her study, published this year in the Journal of Youth Adolescence, did not find "across-the-board advantages"—in other words, lower odds of being involved in violence—for young people who participated in sports-centered extracurriculars."

Youth Radio has reported on this issue ( and GOOD partnered with them to create this infographic. The research findings show "contributing factors behind youth violence." A key finding is "contact sports increase the chance of fighting dramatically."
Additional information is available in the post, as well as a link to the the study done by Xin Jian, which was published in the 'Journal of Youth Adolescence.' 

Via Beth Dichter