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Rescooped by Thierry Belleguic from Machines Pensantes!

Zaha Hadid Architects Creates A "LIVING" Ceiling That Reacts To Visitors' Movements

Zaha Hadid Architects Creates A "LIVING" Ceiling That Reacts To Visitors' Movements | CULTURE, HUMANITÉS ET INNOVATION |

Parametric Space is an interactive installation that glows and grows when visitors enter the space.


You enter a dark, cavernous space then suddenly the ceiling starts to glow and expand, bearing down like a bizarre otherworldly lifeform come to greet you. But don't worry, you're not losing your mind this is a new interactive installation, Parametric Space, from Zaha Hadid Architects in collaboration with designers Kollision, CAVI, andWahlberg.

It's currently on view at the Danish Architecture Centre until September 29th 2013. The piece reacts to visitors' movements by changing color and shape. As visitors first enter the space the ceiling appears flat, but the appearance soon changes and extends into glowing funnels. As a visitor moves closer the flexible membrane grows bigger while moving away causes it to retract...

Via Lauren Moss, association concert urbain
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Rescooped by Thierry Belleguic from sustainable architecture!

Beautiful, Futuristic Hotel Designed To Cope With Rising Sea Levels

Beautiful, Futuristic Hotel Designed To Cope With Rising Sea Levels | CULTURE, HUMANITÉS ET INNOVATION |

The Maldives may be swallowed up by rising sea levels in the future, but the architects at Deep Ocean Technology will build an underwater hotel to house its inhabitants. 

Called ‘The Water Discus’, this futuristic hotel has two circular discs which will house its 22 rooms, along with a restaurant, spas and lounges. 
The structure above ground will be connected to the structure below via a staircase and an elevator, where a bar and a diving center will also be located. 

Via Lauren Moss
Jourdan Sumithio's curator insight, August 13, 2014 1:58 AM

What an awesome idea of giving tourists/travellers an unforgettable experience as they never experienced before. Great concept, design, and ideas for this hotel, however they may need to add up the capacity in the following future to add up more than 22 rooms. Overall the facilities they offered to tourists/customers are simply great, which allow people to enjoy the view around hotel as it's located at beautiful Maldives area. Maldives is well known as a dream destination place and a must visit at least once in life. By showing this brilliant and promising idea is a greater way to attracts more people to support and visit this hotel. However a reasonable price and good service are needed to keep the hotel's reputation rising in a further future.

Phuong Nguyen's curator insight, September 16, 2014 2:19 AM

This hotel is designed to cope with rising sea levels in Maldives. The concept of the hotel is very original compares to other underwater hotels. Based on the beautiful images, I believe in the future, this hotel will attract a lot of leisure guests who want to come for new experiments. This hotel is very suitable for adventurous people who want to organise a party or conference under water. However the owner of the hotel should carefully consider the impact of this hotel on the sustainability of the ocean and the safety of the construction.

Nguyen Quang Thai's comment, October 6, 2014 9:18 AM
It is great for building undersea hotels. It is a really creative idea for giving the visitors the pretty new experiences and beautiful views. In addition, there are many activities for people such as having a wedding under the beach, swimming at the early morning or watching the sea creatures. People could also have a great sleep because of its peaceful and quiet. For the facilities, the number of rooms should be improved due to the over demand. In addition, the undersea hotels could cause the pollution for the sea environment and threating the habitant of sea creatures. Therefore, they have to have a plan to protect the environment and sea creatures. On the other hand, there are many risks for staying under sea. As some nature disasters like tsunami, storm or some hit of big creatures like shark, people could get disturb and afraid. So, they should have an alarm, for example, to ring if there is a tsunami coming or having some nets to stop the big creatures far away. Lastly, glass cleaning is really important. As people staying, they do not want to see some moss stick in the glasses. Therefore, the hoteliers should be awareness in order to use some special glasses or have a way protect the wall.