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Valentine was a Catholic priest who practiced in the city of Rome during the period of Christian persecution under the reign of Claudius II (213-270). When Claudius came to power in 268 AD the Roman Empire was under attack on many fronts from the Northern tribes, the biggest threat being that posed by the Goths. Many long, hard months away from family along with the threat of disease and battle meant that a career in the Roman army in those times was not such an attractive proposition. Claudius sought to remedy the situation by outlawing marriage, thereby ensuring the population of young Roman men had less reason to stay home with their loves.
Valentine ignored the edict and decided to marry couples in secret, a practice that soon saw him hauled before the Emperor and incarcerated. A beguiling and charming man was the priest and he captured the interest of the Emperor, but he made a tactical error in trying to convert Claudius to Christianity who had him beaten with clubs, stoned and beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate on February 14th 267.
Today Saint Valentine is revered as the patron Saint of love and lovers. [...]

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