Cultural History
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Cultural History
The roots of culture; history and pre-history.
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History of the Yoni in World Faith

History of the Yoni in World Faith | Cultural History |

Although we do have hard and clear evidence - archeologically speaking - that the veneration of women, of the yoni, and of Goddesses have been the primal and primary form of religion around the globe, it has been the East - specifically ancient India with its Tantric teachings - where this seems to have found its most exalted and open expression.

Via Gracie Passette, Deanna Dahlsad
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Gracie Passette's curator insight, December 21, 2013 3:49 AM

Also addresses this important question: Simply put, how can a woman raised in a culture that diminishes the value of and beauty of women's genitals try to move past those negative self-thoughts?

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Servant of God, or Prostitute?

Servant of God, or Prostitute? | Cultural History |

The Devadasi, a centuries-old caste of sacred temple priestesses, struggles to have it's own renaissance. One woman leads the way...


The origins of the practice are often disputed, but historians agree that in India by the 10th century this caste of sacred temple servants enjoyed great wealth & property as signs of respect & clout.


Considered married to the Hindu deities, the Devadasi were talented dancers, singers & even viewed as political advisors. At the core of Devadasi faith is the belief all men are incarnations of the male deities & so in addition to performing sacred temple ceremonies, Devadasis offered sexual services. In the act of making love, a man & a Devadasi enact the sacred marriage of god & goddess which therefore allows them to become divine themselves.

Via Gracie Passette
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