Cultural Geography
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Cultural Geography
Historical, Cultural and Social Issues of place and space
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'Super Mario' Challenges The Idea Of Who's An Italian

The star of Italy's Euro 2012 team is the Sicilian-born son of Ghanaian immigrants, raised by an adoptive, white Italian family. Mario Balotelli has been subjected to racism on and off the field.


Cultural and national identities are often deeply intermingled with ethnicity and race.  Mario Balotelli's success in the European Championships and the post towards Italian pride has led to intriguing discussions about what it means to be Italian and who can be called Italian. 

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Muslim, Zionist and Proud

Muslim, Zionist and Proud | Cultural Geography |
How I went from hating to loving Israel and the Jewish people (RT @Lost4DrJack: Kassim Hafeez: "It was shocking and eye-opening.)...


This is proof that, while various axes of identity often overlap, that are not necessarily one and the same.  Most Muslims are pro-Palestinian, but not all are (as shocking as this was for me to read).  Most Arabs are Muslims, but don't tell the Christian Arabs that they are any 'less Arab' because of their Christianity.  

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