10 Body Hacks That Will Be Available By 2025 | CulturaDigital | Scoop.it

In the year 2000, conceiving of a device that worked simultaneously as a handheld computer, portable MP3 player, satellite radio, GPS, and phone seemed like science fiction against the then-current backdrop of shiny new, brick-like flip phones. As witnessed with today’s success of the iPhone, technology advances quickly and without much advance notice if driven by market demand and commercial backing.
The next wave of the future could go beyond the technology we’re holding in our hands and extend to what’s embedded inside our hands. There is experimentation with bio-technological hacks going on today both in the lab and in an unsanctioned underground of fanatics that could result in body implant “upgrades” being as ubiquitous in 2025 as smartphones are now.

Via Szabolcs Kósa, olsen jay nelson