Travel Back In Time, And Take A Virtual 3-D Tour Of Paris Through The Ages | CulturaDigital |

Pretty Cool Technology.  Check out beautiful 3d renders of great cities and landmarks throughout history.


Dassault Systèmes, the French software company that last spring debuted the impressive 3-D tour of the pyramids of Giza is back at it, this time with a virtual tour of Paris through the ages. Originally launched at the end of September on nine giant 3-D screens at Paris’s Hotel de Ville, the program just added a tour of the famed French prison, the Bastille, to its repertoire.

The 3DExperience, as Dassault Systèmes refers to it, is interactive and can be accessed across multiple systems and platforms. There’s a website, an iPad app, 3-D-powered films, educational materials, and 3-D “touch” terminals for museums and universities.



Via Ken Morrison