The Camera Versus the Human Eye, by Roger Cicala | Cultura de massa no Século XXI (Mass Culture in the XXI Century) |

Posted by Roger Cicala on November 17, 2012


(...) The Eye is Not a Camera System
Having gotten the answer to the original discussion, I could have left things alone and walked away with yet another bit of fairly useless trivia filed away to amaze my online friends with. But NOOoooo. When I have a bunch of work that needs doing, I find I’ll almost always choose to spend another couple of hours reading more articles about human vision.

You may have noticed the above section left out some of the eye-to-camera analogies, because once you get past the simple measurements of aperture and lens, the rest of the comparisons don’t fit so well.

Consider the eye’s sensor, the retina. The retina is almost the same size (32mm in diameter) as the sensor on a full frame camera (35mm in diameter). After that, though, almost everything is different."


Via Thierry Saint-Paul