SOPHIA - a Free Social Teaching & Learning Network for Students, Teachers, Parents | Cultura de massa no Século XXI (Mass Culture in the XXI Century) |
SOPHIA is a social teaching and learning network. It's where you can teach what you know and learn what you don't.

SOPHIA for Learners: "SOPHIA is a powerful place for learners looking for assistance with a specific academic topic. Our social education platform offers thousands of credible academic tutorials, taught in many ways by teachers and experts, to help you learn the way you learn best. The platform also offers quizzes, assesses learning preferences and provides learning paths that lead students to mastery of a subject."

SOPHIA for Educators: Use SOPHIA to provide additional instructional material (remedial and/or advanced), provide multimedia tutorials for your students, create private groups for your students and more.

A site rich with resources. Be sure to check it out!


Via Beth Dichter