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Power to the Pixel was held in London for the 6th year in a row, showing the world of media production that transmedia is more than a trend: it is a logic of production and an marketing strategy that fits the needs of our global media world


How does the transmedia affect the digital production or i-docs?


Sandra Gaudenzi share with us some of her thoughts on the sidelines of "Power to the Pixel".


Particularly interesting is the conclusion of this post:

- if convergence is no longer a utopia, what is the best way to use it?
- compared to what already exists, what other aspects can be experienced through the transmedia?


The future may (or must?) bring more new horizons.


The distinction between those who come from a "documentary sensitivity" rather than "documentary field" is not just a terminological question, but represents very effective the new producers trend to seek a mix of fiction and factual.


The beginning of an interesting debate.


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