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Happy 15th Birthday to VLC/VideoLan !

Happy 15th Birthday to VLC/VideoLan ! | cross pond high tech |

Technically, today is the 15th anniversary of the relicensing of all the VideoLAN software to the GPL license, as agreed by the École Centrale Paris, on February 1st, 2001.

If you've been to one of my talks, (if you haven't, you should come to one), you know that the project that became VideoLAN and VLC, is almost 5 years older than that, and was called Network 2000.

Moreover, the first commit on the VideoLAN Client project is from August 8th 1999, by Michel Kaempf had 21275 lines of code already, so the VLC software was started earlier in 1999.

However, the most important date for the birth of VLC is when it was allowed to be used outside of the school, and therefore when the project was GPL-ized: February 1st, 2001.

Facts and numbersSince then, only on VLC, we've had around

  • 700 contributors,
  • 70000 commits,
  • at least 2 billion downloads,
  • hundreds of millions users!


And all that, mostly with volunteers and without turning into a business!


We have now ports for Windows, GNU/Linux, BSD, OS X, iPhone and iPad, Android, Solaris, Windows Phones, BeOS, OS/2, Android TV, Apple TV, Tizen and ChromeOS.

Philippe J DEWOST's curator insight, February 2, 9:41 AM

Amazing achievement by Jean-Baptiste Kempf & l'équipe de @videolan !

SKKBDMS Tech Media's curator insight, February 2, 11:53 AM

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Open-source media player VLC tops a billion downloads

Open-source media player VLC tops a billion downloads | cross pond high tech |
Open-source staple VLC has reached over a billion downloads, the VideoLAN Organization announced Sunday.
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