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Scooped by Philippe J DEWOST!

People Spend Over $9,000 On Alibaba Every Second

People Spend Over $9,000 On Alibaba Every Second | cross pond high tech |

In case you hadn’t heard, China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba just had the world's biggest IPO in history. 

But if you thought Alibaba's revenue was explosive, get this: Based on estimates from The Economist charted for us by Business Insider Intelligence, Alibaba shoppers spend an average of $9,368 each second. This is an incredible feat, especially when you consider Amazon shoppers spend less than half of that value ($3,691) each second. Users on eBay, which once tried to compete with Alibaba in China, only spend about $2,775 each second. In other words, Alibaba sells a ton of stuff, and consumers feel very comfortable buying all of it.

Philippe J DEWOST's insight:

Drawning by numbers : Alibaba sales are so huge that they become meaningful when measured every second...

Yaroslav Writtle's curator insight, September 24, 4:00 AM

Alibaba's is one to follow - they have established a fantastic customer base and are expanding into payments and B2C

Scooped by Philippe J DEWOST!

Mobile Click in Mortar: Walmart Embraces Showrooming

Mobile Click in Mortar: Walmart Embraces Showrooming | cross pond high tech |
It’s the scourge of stores everywhere: “showrooming,” the act of going to a store to see and touch a product, then using your phone to find and order the same item for a lower price online.

Some retailers have taken drastic measures to curb the practice, such as blocking barcodes. While likely futile, the effort to stop showrooming is an understandable if sometimes unsubtle reaction to fears of death by a billion clicks.

But the world’s largest retailer hasn’t tried to build a fence to block showrooming. Instead, in an act of digital judo, Walmart is urging shoppers to get out their smartphones when they come into a store.

“You’ve got to go where the customer wants you to go. We live in the age of the customer,” President and CEO Joel Anderson told Wired in an interview this week. “We’re embracing showrooming.”
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