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LoopPay, the mobile wallet that transmits payment data to magnetic stripe payment card readers, will today announce an Android version of its payment app, which launched on iOS in February. “This is just another step, and we’re taking many steps toward getting more Loop-ready solutions out there,” LoopPay CEO Will Graylin tells us. Currently available as a $39 key fob that pairs with the app, Loop uses a magnetic coil to transmit payment card data. Users simply hold up the fob to a merchant's card reader in order to pay. Soon, a LoopPay iPhone 5/5s charge case will be available, and the company is hoping to convince manufacturers to build Loop’s transmitter into handsets. Still in its early stages, the company numbers its users in the thousands — but Graylin stresses LoopPay's advantage in that virtually all merchants are already equipped to accept LoopPay-powered transactions.