Beyond Screens Keynote — Connected TV and Digital Media Forum in Moscow | cross pond high tech |

Here is the slide deck I used for my Keynote at the &Connected TV & Digital Media& forum where I was invited by Connectica Lab in Moscow on March 5th, 2014. Due to current SlideShare limitations it is impossible to directly import slides in the latest Apple Keynote format, hence the need to manually publish here the keynote verbatim to complement the slides.


TV has evolved significantly.  First came color. Then came choice. Then came the VCR that allowed recording, deferred viewing, and introduced external content (either purchased, rented, or handed out by friends and family) into the TV set.
Then came digital content and digital broadcast, followed by HD.
And only very recently came competition from other screens to consume video content: not only were they personal, they follow the viewer...

We now spend a full five hours and 16 minutes a day in front of a screen, and that's without even turning on a television (4,5 hours a day for US adults).

- What even does TV watching now mean?

- is TV video delivered in real time ?

- is Connected TV is just TV with Ethernet and firmware updates?