Withings Aura uses light, sound, and science to help you sleep better #CES | cross pond high tech | Scoop.it

As for the lamp itself, it's both a sleep aid and a sleek, touch-sensitive lava lamp. The device glows a shade of red to help you get to sleep — Withings says the wavelength of light helps the body generate melatonin — and for waking it shines a glowing blue.


Different shades, from purple to yellow, are available at the user's choice. A standalone iPhone app lets users do things like set wake-up times and view their sleep and environmental data, though the information will also be surfaced in the standard Withings app as well for a bigger picture look at your health (Android compatibility is coming down the line, and the device will be able to connect over legacy Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, or Wi-Fi).


In a clever twist, the lamp portion of the device can also play music and serves as a standalone alarm clock even if you aren't using your smartphone. The lamp is sensitive to touch, and you can turn the alarm on or off with a tap, and set the time for your next alarm by sliding your finger up the side of the device.