Apple Makes More Money From iPhone Accessories And Apps Than Others Do Phones | cross pond high tech |

Asymco's Horace Dediu comes with an interesting finding:

"As Apple introduced a new set of revenue categories, the performance of its “minor” businesses has become clearer. 


When seen this way, as a percent of total, iTunes begins to look increasingly as a viable “leg stool” upon which Apple rests.


Adding the Accessories business (which includes Apple TV and is showing in Orange above) these “other” businesses are already bigger than the Mac. Of course, content, software, accessories and services depend on a healthy device business, but the size of these ancillaries are beginning to be substantial and Apple’s ecosystem may begin to be valued more than just as an incentive to buy the devices.

Indeed, if seen in isolation, iTunes+Accessories combined is a bigger business in terms of revenues than any of the other phone vendors except Samsung.