Cross-Platform Storytelling
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Cross-Platform Storytelling
Telling stories across multiple platforms and media
Curated by Lauren Scime
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William Uricchio on Engagement | Open Doc Lab at MIT

William Uricchio on Engagement | Open Doc Lab at MIT | Cross-Platform Storytelling |



"Less of an ‘artifact’ (in the sense that films tend to be once completed and shown) than an ongoing forum for documentation, reflection and exchange, projects like Sandy and Hollow point to a new and largely unexplored dimension of the ‘new’ documentary to which we need to attend.  Their civic character holds great potential, providing ways for communities to share knowledge and experience, and offering citizens incentives for sustained participation.


(...) the interactive character of these documentaries, their requirement that the user ‘wander’ or ‘play’, adds a distinctive opportunity to engage by making participants co-constructors of the text itself, rather than ‘mere’ readers. The user’s interests presumably direct the process of negotiation through the documentary environment. "


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Three aspects describing the engagement in the interactive documentary: 

crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and co-design.  

A taste for a more detailed study? We hope.


An enlightening article.

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Grazie! Mike Monello! Skimmers, Dippers, and Divers

Embedded powerpoint presentation on Slideshare.


1.Design Communal ExperiencesAudience Types (Self-selecting) LOWER ENGAGEMENTSkimmersDippersDivers...

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