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Rescooped by Lisamarie Kolster from Crime and Criminals!

Female Prison Guard Pregnant with Inmate's Baby

Pregnant correctional officer Tyshinia Love Brewster of Poughkeepsie allegedly had sex with a male inmate at a maximum-security state prison in the…

Via Strange News
Lisamarie Kolster's insight:

I’m kind of iffy about the charges on the prison guard. Yes she was wrong to be having relations according to the law because he is in is prison and she also was on the job so that is wrong all together right there. I don’t think she raped him though. If she is pregnant then just by assumption I’m thinking that they were in a relationship. If he didn’t deny her or she didn’t force it does it make it rape because legally she’s above him? I just don’t get how that is called rape if she is “above” him in the law? So when a woman is raped the male is considered above her in the situation? If it was a male officer having relations with a female inmate would it just be rape because he’s a male and she’s a female, I think that they are just trying to label the situation because it’s seen as wrong to have relations with a prisoner especially if you’re a part of the law, but labeling it as rape is just making the situation sound worse then what it really is.

Jason's comment, April 15, 2014 11:27 AM
She is at her job of employment and should know the rules behind being a prison guard. The charge should stand because as a guard you do have the upper hand on the prisoners so even if there was consent, the guard is to blame.
Kristy Gipson's comment, April 19, 2014 1:51 PM
I think that this is a deviant act on her part. Why risk your own job and why declare yourself as deviant. Yes we as humans have our wants and desires but what could you possibly see or want in someone that is in prison, especially if they are in for along time. Then to open yourself up to the possibility of getting pregnant is totally absurd. She has labeled herself and this will follow her throughout jobs especially if she wants to continue in the prison field.
Faith Suazo's comment, April 21, 2014 11:47 AM
This story reminds me of the show Orange is the New Black, a television show about a middle class woman who goes to prison. In the show there are several occurrences with one particular male guard who continuously has sexual relations with inmates in exchange for drugs or cigarettes. And another guard refrains from any sexual relations because it might hurt his career, until he falls in love with one inmate and gets her pregnant. The pregnancy puts her location and the guard's career in jeopardy. I don''t believe that in this case the female guard had much to gain from such a risky act. I think that her goal was pleasure, but instead she ended up with a child. It would be scary enough to be a guard, much less at a maximum security prison. There is a reason inmates are not allowed to have weapons, this female guard put her life at risk. This kind of behavior makes law enforcement officials look vulnerable.
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Mary Konye guilty of devastating acid attack on friend who called her 'ugly'

Mary Konye guilty of devastating acid attack on friend who called her 'ugly' | crime |
Twenty-one year-old attacked Naomi Oni while disguised in a Muslim veil


A young woman has been found guilty of throwing acid in the face of a friend while disguised in a Muslim veil.


Mary Konye, 21, attacked Naomi Oni, an assistant at a Victoria's Secret lingerie shop, on December 30 2012 because she once called her ugly.


During her trial, the jury at London's Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that, following the attack, Konye pretended to give Ms Oni a shoulder to cry on.


Ms Oni was left scarred for life after the incident in Dagenham, east London.


Dressed in black, Konye remained calm as the jury of eight men and four women returned their verdict.


Judge David Radford warned Konye that she will face jail when he sentences her on March 7 after receiving reports.

Via Strange News
Lisamarie Kolster's insight:

This article intrigued me because I have only seen this in movies, I never thought someone would throw acid on someone’s face until I read this story. I just thought it was so wrong that Mary Konye tried to act like she didn’t do anything, she disguised herself and then tried to console her after the fact of it all. I’m happy that she is getting jail time because this was planned, to get the acid know you’re going to dress up and also the fact that they were best friends since they were little and stopped talking. Mary was aware that Naomi had watched a documentary about a model that that had happened to, so she knew exactly how she felt and was going to feel after the fact. This was all because of a guy? This is a cold world we live in.

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Prison Gang Tattoos

Scary Prison Gang Tattoos Visit out Webstore for Tattoo Supplies & Equipment. Tattoo Kits, Tattoo Ink, Tattoo Tools, Tattoo Needles. Free Shipping on All Ord...

Via TattooSupply
Kayla Streit's comment, February 18, 2014 1:04 PM
This falls under the meaning being deviant I think. Yes, tattoos are not necessarily deviant but gang tattoos are. I also agree that the tattoos are a helpful identifier for people who have engaged in deviant behavior: the man robbing a gas station wears a mask but has a very unique tattoo on his neck and they identify him using that tattoo. So deviant? Yes. Bad? Not necessarily.
Erin Madden's comment, February 21, 2014 5:48 PM
Great discussion here, everyone! Lisamarie, don't forget to say a bit about your post to get the discussion rolling. Ryley and Jason do a great job of connecting to the "continuum" or level of deviance. Some tattoos are low on the continuum, but some tattoos, like gang tattoos are much higher on the continuum and are considered much more deviant. Joyce does a great job of giving us an "insider" perspective, criticizing ideas that tattoos should signify a deviant person. Especially now, having a full sleeve or even tattoos on necks and hands (places that are harder to conceal) are increasingly common. Maybe seeing these as deviant body modifications will change soon! Of course, tattoos that signify gang memebership are very different than having a tattoo of flowers or other fairly peaceful images and symbols.
TattooSupply's comment, February 21, 2014 6:02 PM
well said Erin!
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Man Sexually Abused His Peacock: Cops

Man Sexually Abused His Peacock: Cops | crime |
A man sexually abused a peacock, which was later found dead in his garage, according to authorities in Illinois.

Via Strange News
Lisamarie Kolster's insight:

Everything about this article is disturbing to me. I just don’t understand what is wrong with people, why sexually abuse anything? Let alone an animal. In the story it says he has more charges such as solicitation of a child, but only the animal abuse made it into the headlines. I don’t understand why that only one of his many charges was publicized, I think we should be more aware of the crimes people are being charged with. Someone could think he was charged with sexually abusing an animal and not now that he tried soliciting a child, I think we should be more aware of the people around us. I just can’t believe he would sexually abuse a peacock!

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Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper | VICE United States

Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper | VICE United States | crime |
Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo go Gonzo as they pose as strippers and experience something that can be best described as a Marina Abramovic performance crossed with a bizarro episode of Wife Swap…
Lisamarie Kolster's insight:

This was the video I brought up in class when we were talking about sex work. These women are going around trying out the most stigmatized jobs in the country that woman have. Living in the East Mountains and going to Moriarty High school you hear about the 203 and how it's how we would say a "ratchet" strip club. I never knew it was this sketchy though. The actual strippers there have to hold their own to be able to put up with the truck drivers which I guess is why everyone says they aren't just scary looking but scary in general. I feel scared that women do this to get by you just really never know the things people go through and not just people but women.

Faith Suazo's comment, March 10, 2014 2:38 PM
One part that really amazed me was the reaction by these girls after the reality of a life of a stripper set in. Clearly they had a quality amount of self respect as shown by the questions they asked like "If I buy these shorts will I have to take them off?" Also they were very reluctant to actually interact physically with the clients. One man asked for a back massage and the girls still seemed surprised that someone might ask them to do that. This strip club wasn't as glamorous as Rhianna portrayed it to be in the video we saw in class. The club manager once said "Conversation goes a long way," and yet one of the last lines by a disrepectful client was "Which girl is which? It"ll matter when she's on my face." This is not in any way a respectful way to approach a woman.
Joyce benavidez's comment, March 11, 2014 11:28 AM
being a stripper does not mean that these women have no respect for themselves. This is a job that some women take serious and some women do not. There are some negative aspects that do come along with this type of work and those going into are pretty aware of this. these women never have done anything like this and clearly no one has told them what to expect when getting in to it. this is job most women do to get by and reach bigger dreams. some women work the club others become the club.
Erin Madden's comment, March 13, 2014 12:57 PM
Good feedback here and Lisamarie, nice pick of a video showing some of the tougher/more negative parts of sex work. I watched part 1 and 2 of the video. Part 1 only showcases these New York women's views on sex work, and showcases none of the voices of real sex workers. This is pretty unfair. They already have a negative view of the work and don't want to do it, except to make a film project. The second part of the video is a bit better done: they actually talk to women who are sex workers! This is great because we're not hearing about the filmmaker's outsider ideas about sex work, instead we're hearing from women who have actually chose this work and their thoughts on the positives and negatives. I agree that the way the men talk to the women is pretty crude, but this is sex work, here. The things the men are saying are about sex! How much should sex workers be expected to take of this? is this part of the job or is this crossing the line? Also, just because we might find this kind of talk "creepy", it doesn't mean that all women do. Anyway, good discussion here!
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Here’s why cops should be required to wear a lapel camera while on duty

Here’s why cops should be required to wear a lapel camera while on duty | crime |
The ACLU wants police officers to wear cameras that would record their interactions with the citizens they serve.

Via Rob Duke, Mel C
Lisamarie Kolster's insight:

While I was looking for articles to scoop I came across many dealing with officers and how they interact with black males and females. This article however talked about police officers having cameras placed physically on them at all times as interacted with everyone in their everyday work duties. Two departments were already testing it out and the community already had less complaints. Some officers do not like they idea though of carrying a camera on them at all times but I don’t understand why? If they have nothing to hide and they are doing their job correct then I don't see what the problem is. I understand not having the camera on for basic calls such as noise complaints or else but in some situations it could be helpful not just for the officer but for the citizens as well. I'm not saying all cops abuse their power but if a situation came down to it I think it would be helpful, even in situations where the cop is in danger I think it would be helpful. At the end of the article it said “the cops and the citizens behave a little better when being watched" and definitely agree that anyone acts even the slightest bit better when they know they’re being watched.

Maria's comment, October 21, 2013 2:09 AM
I can understand why some people won't like to be recorded, but according to this article the complaints against police officers has reduced by 88%, so that means that there is some use of the cameras. The camera might be very useful as being an evidence on various occasions. I think it is a good idea if they are used only when needed (interacts) and not throughout officer's whole shift.
Ryley Wyrwitzke's comment, February 4, 2014 3:15 AM
I believe that officers wearing cameras is a grand idea. I know for a fact that there are already some PD's participating in this. With all these various stories of police brutalities everywhere, this would give a final answer to the accusations. Plus, superiors to officers should see that the officers are doing their job the right way, and not bending the rules as a small percentage do (I believe.). Investigations on shootings would be a lot easier if this camera motion was put into effect. If an officer has nothing to hide, why whould he/she disagree to this? I see nothing wrong with this motion and feel like it would better law enforcement and communities bond with each other.
Erin Madden's comment, February 4, 2014 5:12 PM
Great discussion, Ryley and Lisamarie. It seems like what you're both getting at is these cameras could improve the quality and fairness of social control. Or, at least the elements of formal social control that cops do (remember there are other kinds of social control like semiformal and informal). It would certainly add more accountability for police officers to treat people fairly (did you all read marcus' article on the police officer who sexually abused women he stopped? Maybe this would not have happened if he had been wearing a camera!).