Here are 3 of the "imperatives" from the article:


"1. Don't aspire to be a good manager. As Peter Drucker said years ago, stable times require excellence and good management. As we transition to a new age, our organizations need more; they need leadership. Don't manage the status quo. Lead the change. Think of yourself primarily as a leader rather than just a manager. Don't simply seek to make improvements in your organization. In the past tinkering could do the trick. These times require deep innovation and transformation."


 "2. Don't accept any assumptions about the status quo. If 'it's always been this way' it may be time for a review. For example, don't accept hierarchies: Think networks. Understand that talent can now be both inside and exterior to your enterprise. ... Always emphasize teamwork and knowledge sharing, rather than hierarchy."


"4. Don't have work-life balance -- at least in the sense of trying to escape from work so you can have a life. Work should be fun -- so make work enjoyable and satisfying for everyone ..."