Artistry At Work: Grounding The Dream | Matthew E. May | Creativity & Decision-Making |

"Grounded ambition ... is really creativity in motion, and (ironically) a loftier concept than the conventional definition, which in business is almost always related to wealth, influence, or distinction. This new notion allows us to rethink ambition. Ambition is gaining by making, not gaining by getting, and is defined here through a simple mantra:


Significant Ideas, Responsible Action.


This simple phrase represents and requires the whole of human creative intellect, as each principle plays to the strengths of one of the four mindsets: significance is the domain of the Peacekeeper in each of us; ideas are the domain of the Thoughtstarter in each of us; responsibility is the domain of Taskmaster in each of us; action is the domain of the Playmaker in each of us."