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Creativity as changing tool
“The diversity of intelligence, the power of imagination and creativity, and the importance of commitment to our own capabilities”
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How Your Brand Colors Impact Your Audience

How Your Brand Colors Impact Your Audience | Creativity as changing tool |

This article and infographic posted by Chelsey Kilser and Daily Infographic and is about the of findings from Entrepreneur, TheLogoFactory and Logodesignworks. 


Jan Gordon:


Effective social business requires a strong brand message,  great content and the ability to build community through deeper engagement and is first and foremost. However, the way you package your services matters and the colors you use are very important.




"Colors matter and they are one of the factors that keeps your company standing out, gives your company a voice and gives you leverage over other similar companies."


Here are a few takeaways:


**The true colors of the world's top brands:


     *29% use red

     *33% use blue

     *13% use yellow

     *28% use black or grayscale


**Good information about how people respond to different colors


     Here are just a few:


      *Red is agressive, provacative, attention-



      *Purple signifies royalty, sophistication, mystery


      *Black means prestige, value, timelessness


      *Brown is earthlike, natural, simplistic


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


See article and infographic here: []  

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Guest post: How to get targeted traffic from Quora and Yahoo Answers

Guest post: How to get targeted traffic from Quora and Yahoo Answers | Creativity as changing tool |
Marketing your blog or website is key to its long-term success. Finding ways to increase your traffic will help you increase your sales and protect your brand longevity.

Quora and Yahoo Answers are both simple question-and-answer sites. Some users post their questions, and other users post answers. The site covers every topic you can think of, and the answers range from general to in-depth and authoritative.

While seemingly simple, both sites are excellent sources of free, targeted traffic for your blog or website. Here’s how


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The Bridge Is Out - Epic Stories In Presentations

The Bridge Is Out - Epic Stories In Presentations | Creativity as changing tool |
Do not undervalue the benefit of a longer, more detailed story in providing learning experiences. Anecdotes and “training fables” can be very effective and they do have their place. If you can work in a longer story, though, you can have greater emotional involvement. That is the most effective memory resource of all.


Here is what I love most about this post -- its reminder that longer stories are just as important to share as short anecdotes.


In today's short-attention span world, the prevailing notion is that people have no tolerance for longer stories -- especially online. Balderdash, I say!


What anyone needs to pay attention to is finding the right places for sharing those longer stories. A few questions to ask yourself are: 

What is my purpose in sharing this story? What work do I want this story to do? What is the best channel (on-line channels & off-line channels) for sharing this story? If this longer story is going to be shared on-line, how do I need to prep my audience so they are ready to listen to it?


Read this short article to discover how the author crafted and shared his longer story. And don't sell yourself (or your audience) short by only going for those quickie stories!

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Just Story It - Scoops

Just Story It - Scoops | Creativity as changing tool |

Here are the best articles from across the web that I can find on using stories and storytelling in business.

I've chosen them because they actually make a contribution to our knowledge and wisdom about stories, show us how to apply stories to growing our businesses, or give valuable how-to tips.

I weed out all the junk. And besides, who needs another post in why storytelling is important?? Where's the beef?? We want the meat!

I've written reviews of each article to share what I like best, what you can get from reading the article, or what may be missing in the article.


How To Find A Topic: Click on the Tags tab above, and then click on one of the tags. All the articles on that topic will appear.


I may occassionally review an article that I think is problematic as a way to educate us all, although most I will simply pass over.  If you wonder if I've seen an article that is not included here, send me a message and I'll respond.

After doing biz story work for over a decade (and with a PhD in Folklore) I hope you find many great insights and tips here. Many thanks for visiting and enjoy the articles!


And I hope you will also visit my website for more tips and tools, & take the free Story IQ assessment so you can see how well developed your storytelling skills and knowledge is:  ;

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Karen is dedicated to the art of Storytelling as a key tool in running a business or any other type of endeavor.  Here at we fully support this art form as the best way to generate positive and effective change.  Thanks Karen for all of your dedicated and tireless work! It's a tood Story!!

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Connecting Brands & Networks To Make Content Matter | #audiences #transmedia #brands #analytics #YouTube #Netflix

Connecting Brands & Networks To Make Content Matter | #audiences #transmedia #brands #analytics #YouTube #Netflix | Creativity as changing tool |

Gunther Sonnenfeld: "Branded content. Branded entertainment. Branded transmedia campaigns. Content marketing. Brand journalism. You've heard the terms, but have probably struggled over their meaning, and their value. I know I have" ...

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CharacterLab :: Figuring Out Your Brand Story Persona

CharacterLab :: Figuring Out Your Brand Story Persona | Creativity as changing tool |

While it may not have been popular marketing theory at the time, the most successful brands figured out decades ago that it takes character to turn a product into a brand. When a brand has character, it takes on an identity of its own. Its every word, gesture, action, became natural expressions which make the brand instantly recognizable.


What is the character or persona of your brand? The company Added Value has a tool called CharacterLab that helps you figure this out.


There is a free demo to try at this site. The demo will give you a series of photos and characteristics to rank. At the end it will give you the character/persona of your business -- if you are a sole proprietor.


Give yourself some time to work through the demo -- it will get you thinking and the sorting isn't easy. But I was very pleased with my results!


Turns out my business is characterized as the Creator/Sage. Just make sure you take notes at the end. I tried to bookmark my results, but when I tried to view that page again, it led me back to the original demo page. Bummer! But understandable.


Once you have your results then the real work begins -- crafting your brand to be in alignment with your character/persona. That includes aligning the language you use, your colors and graphics, web design, and marketing materials to your character/persona.


Knowing your character/persona really takes a lot of the mystery out of creating your brand and telling your stories.


So go have fun!

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Are Brands Wielding More Influence In Social Media Than We Thought?

Are Brands Wielding More Influence In Social Media Than We Thought? | Creativity as changing tool |

I selected this piece by Steve Olenski  for Forbes because it's good for B2C marketers to see the results of their social media campaigns.


This article is specifically aimed at B2C marketers where their consumers want instant gratification - promotions, giveaways, etc. Having said that, part of the purchasing cycle can include content in some cases depending on what you're selling and who your audience is.


Here are findings of a survey recently conducted by Market Force - a worldwide leader in customer intelligence solutions.


12,000 consumers in the US and UK were asked how they engaged with varying industries via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+


Here's what caught my attention:


**81% of US respondents indicated posts from their friends directly influenced their purchase decision


**80% of respondents “tried new things based on friends’ suggestions.”


**78% of respondents said the posts by companies they follow on social media impact their purchases.


**consumers are not all that interested in content but rather want something i.e. a promotion, giveaway, etc. when it comes to social media and their favorite brands.


Are Brands finally "getting it" when it comes to social media?


**They are getting more and more cognizant of the fact that what they post, share and so on can and will impact what the end user does – in this case, make a purchase decision.


**out of the 12,000 who participated 75% were women. This is incredibly significant given the fact that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases


Selected by Jan Gordon covering,  "Content Curation. Social Business and Beyond"


See full article here: []

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