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At your last brainstorm session, the one in charge probably started with something like this:
“Remember team, there is no such things as a bad idea in brainstorming. And there are no boundaries. Let the sky be the limit!”


They were correct.


Yet, the process of coming up with ideas to solve, grow, think or create is a process that expands and contracts. This is technically called divergent thinking (move apart) and convergent thinking (come together).

We start with the broad issue that there is a problem or opportunity.

We narrow that down to a laser-focused objective. What we are specifically solving. (This is sometimes called framing).Next, we go broad again—thinking up as many potential ideas as possible—in a world without boundaries.Finally, we go very narrow again—picking the best solutions for our challenge.

Despite ‘broad thinking’ and ‘suspending reality’ during idea generation, we have to re-evaluate those ideas within the walls of real constraints. We always work within boundaries and limits.


We have limited time, funding, labor. We are constrained by factory size, operational capacity, product shelf life, legal restrictions and brand guardrails.


These are like sandbox walls. The sand allows us to be as creative as we need. The walls define the realistic limits.