Don’t Lecture Me: Rethinking How College Students Learn | MindShift | Creativity and learning |

It may seem obvious that lecturing isn’t the best method to get students thinking and learning. Project-based learning and other interactive approaches have been popular in elementary and secondary schools for a long time, and of course the discussion-based seminar is an age-old approach. But lecturing is still the dominant teaching method in large classes at the college level, and also at many high schools – especially in the sciences. Experts say different approaches to teaching large classes can help more students learn, and help them learn better.

“We want to have a class where everyone can be successful because we need everyone to be successful,” says Brian Lukoff, an education researcher at Harvard who is studying ways to more effectively teach large classes.

“We need to educate a population to compete in this global marketplace,” says Lukoff. We can’t do that by relying on a few motivated people to teach themselves. “We need a much larger swath of [the] population to be able to think critically and problem-solve.”

Via Claire Brooks, Not a waste of Space