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Film Summary

Mette Bahnsen, a filmmaker in Denmark, has made a beautifully produced film about integrating mindfulness into education called “Healthy Habits of Mind”, which features:

NEUROSCIENCE: leading neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson explains the science behind mindfulness and how it can increase happiness and well-being in youth.

IN-CLASS INSTRUCTION: see kindergarten teacher Renee Harris (a Mindful SchoolsCurriculum Training graduate) teaching mindful breathing, listening, eating, movement, and heartfulness in her Berkeley, California public school classroom.

TRAINING FOR EDUCATORS: the film peeks into a Mindful Schools Curriculum Training course taught by Program Directors Megan Cowan and Chris McKenna.

THE VALUE OF MINDFULNESS IN EDUCATION: interviews with Megan Cowan, Renee Harris, and Dr. Richard Davidson explain why mindfulness belongs in schools.

Via Dennis T OConnor