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ScribeSlice Online Writing Community

ScribeSlice Online Writing Community | Creative Writing Inspiration |
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Avoiding idea plateaus

A great talk about avoiding the "doldroms" of development, how to get past the boring stage of a project without abandoning it to another new idea. No new ideas here, but it's worth watching nonetheless.

Via Chris Neale
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Since You Asked: I need more ideas! Where do they come from?

Since You Asked: I need more ideas! Where do they come from? | Creative Writing Inspiration |
I've been doing well selling my writing but I seem to be running out of inspiration.


Since you have done well so far, you are in a good position. Now you need to become an even better salesperson. You need to fine-tune your sales operation. You may need to gain a more sophisticated and detailed intelligence about the markets you are selling to and your competitors. You may need to learn how to respond quickly when one market suddenly contracts -- how to take advantage of it instead of being thrown off by it. You may need to learn how to break into new markets, such as those lucrative, high-profile publications, and close tough deals.

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