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Fate and Inspiration as Writing Tools. This past year, for me, was a year of plodding, disjointed writing. I spent the whole time working on a project I should be revising right now, but I'm too sick of it.


I know it isn't anywhere near perfect or complete, even once this draft is done, but it's already five times better than the project I slaved over for a year. I'm grateful, and I also feel awful about it. My poor, awful story that had such a promising concept and never got off the ground!


It's got me wondering sincerely if Fate and Inspiration really are the greatest tools of writing, after all is said and done.


Or do you think that year pulling my cart through the mire with that other project is what made the new one ride more smoothly?


Because I believe in Hard Work, too. Even more than I believe in Inspiration, and definitely more than I believe in Fate.


Still, if I didn't know any better, I'd say there was a muse out there after all.