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Aradia's Cauldron: 52 weeks of pagan art journaling

Aradia's Cauldron: 52 weeks of pagan art journaling | Creative Writing Inspiration |

Starting in February, with Brighid's celebration of Imbolc, I'm starting 52 weeks of pagan art journaling project. So join me if you like as I post weekly prompts to get you thinking about what your path means to you, in words and art!


What is an art journal, you ask? The concept is simple really (even though it may seem a little daunting sometimes). An art journal is a journal that you use words and art (sometimes more art, sometimes more words) to record your thoughts, ideas, and feelings in.


The journal can be as fancy and as simple as you would like it to be! Some people draw amazing pictures, while others, like me, create simpler pages. They can be colours, sketches, collages, or anything else you'd like. Sometimes a page can be image based, other times it can be more text based. Art journals let you play and explore.

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